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Love and Hate – A Personal Essay

Love and Hate – A Personal Essay

Posted by David Pax (admin)  September 14, 2011 1:52:26 AM EDT 
I am writing this article to share my own personal motivations for opposing islam.  I will discuss some goals that I would like to see achieved and I will also discuss some sentiments that my fellow counter jihad members have voiced that I oppose and an explanation of why.  This article represents my own personal views and is not meant to represent the views of all members of this site or the counter jihad in general.
A common argument that members of the counter jihad face goes something like this: “Why the hell are you opposing islam?!  Islam is the religion of peace and I think you are quite rude and disrespectable for opposing someone else’s religion.  The 1st Amendment guarantees the right for moslems to worship as they please. Why the f**k don’t you just leave islam alone and go be happy leading your life.  Live and let live.”
First let’s dispense with a common 2 part lie that islam is the religion of peace. 1 – Islam is not a religion, it is actually a totalitarian political ideology.  Islam is 60% political which means that islam is a political ideology hiding behind the pious mask of religion.  Islam deserves no 1st Amendment protections for multiple reasons, several of which are eloquently spelled out here: Why Islam is NOT Protected Under the US Constitution! 2 – Islam is not peaceful!  Click on the graphic to go to The Religion Of Peace website which does an excellent job of keeping records of the murders done in the name of allah.
I oppose islam out of love.  That’s right!  The basis for my opposition to islam is LOVE.  I love Freedom and Democracy and Human Rights and Liberty.  These are the core principles that form the bedrock of my being.   It is because of my love of these ideals that I hate islam.  Islam is the antithesis of every ideal that I hold dear.  Islam is incompatible with freedom.  If you doubt this, just look at this picture from the Netherlands:

Islam is incompatible with Democracy.  Democracy in the islamic world is like toilet paper – they wipe their asses on it and then flush it down the toilet!  

The concept of Liberty is not any part of islam. The fundamental core concept of islam is slavery. Infidels are slaves to moslems, women are slaves to men, and men are slaves to allah. The rights of self determination and the pursuit of happiness have no place in islam. In Arabic, islam does not mean peace, islam means submission. I will NEVER submit to islam!
In my heart I am a man of peace.  I am carrying a message of love for Western Civilization.  My disdain for islam is a direct result of my love for the ideals of Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, and Liberty.  Western Civilization is not just different than islamic civilization, it’s vastly superior! I categorically reject multiculturalism and cultural relativism.  see source for more


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