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Operation Hate – Canadian Government Posts Hate Speech Online

Operation Hate – Canadian Government Posts Hate… by wpg420
Do Government employees post hate speech online? Yes they do! Canadian Tax-Payers are footing the bill for this “rogue operation” which has already spawned hundreds of disgusting and hateful posts.
The state now encourages attacks on our freedoms from outside the courtroom via the various Human Rights Commissions throughout our fine country. With no true requirements related to evidence or burden of proof and with cases decided without an experienced Judge. However, when these Quasi-Judicial Rulings are filed in a Court of Law, they inherit the power of the Court. Failure to comply can and has resulted in jail sentences.
Canadian Human Rights Commission – An Abortion of Common Sense
In 1965, Canada became the victim of a 30 year campaign by fanatical pro-censorship groups to criminalize speech. The entire episode is a dark chapter in Canadian history and culminated in a bizarre “False Flag Operation,”  which had the Canadian Jewish Congress aid and expand the Canadian Nazi Party.  Then the CJC used the Nazi Party to pretend that Canada was in dire need of criminalprohibitions against speech.
 It all sounds like wild conspiracy theory, but the entire tale of the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Canadian Nazi Party is detailed in the soon to be released book by Marc Lemire – Silencing Thought: The Human Rights Industry War on Freedom of Expression.  
 The book by Lemire is based upon dozens of articles, government documents, RCMP report, books, interviews and contemporary research. 
One single person, Richard Warman, is responsible for the majority of all Human Rights Commission “Hate Speech” cases in Canada. In fact, Richard (Don’t Sue Me Bro) Warman is making a pretty penny in all this, Tax Free I might add.
Ezra Levant explains this abortion of common sense singling out the key player behind this rogue “operation”.
“The government pays people, to this day, to go online and act like Nazis”
Ezra Levant
“Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I dont give it any value.” —Canadian Human Rights Investigator Dean Steacy, responding to the question “What value do you give freedom of speech when you investigate?” More at Source
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