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Providing Necessary Evil: Jules Manson Calls for Assassination of Obama and His ‘Monkey Children’

Jules Manson calls for the assassination of President Barack Obama Credit: John Graf Photography
By Saul Relative | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 9 hrs ago
COMMENTARY | It might not be the optimal way for one to get publicity to run for public office, but it just might be an acceptable path for Tea Party firebrand and failed politician Jules Manson, aCalifornia man so incensed with President Barack Obama over his signing of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that he took to Facebook and called for the assassination of Obama and his children. His rant prompted considerable verbal backlash on the Internet, not to mention several articles like Michael Stone’s at that made Manson look like a certifiable lunatic who might need watching. But it is in that attention — and now he’s talking about running for state office — that we discover that America needs people like Manson.
  • Jules Manson commented on .
    The Secret Service gave me a visit. Agents Corey, Andy, and Stephanie were very pleasant with me. They must have had 30 questions. They listened to what I had to say and I even consented to a search of my home and vehicle. They even sat at my computer to see what I had on there. I cooperated with them and was fully honest with them because I have nothing to hide.
    Although the federal government is very intimidating they were not. I understand they are working for this institution and have a job to do but they also assured me that they want to find something if there is something to find and want to clear me if there is nothing.
    As far as they are concerned I have been cleared but they have to go through the motions of submitting their findings to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. They assured me that by cooperating it would go far better for me because it demonstrates that I was hiding nothing.
     Facebook faux pas: California libertarian and Tea Party darling Jules Manson is caught calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama and his chi
     ·  · Monday at 11:59pm ·
After using language couched in Bible-like phrasing (“it MUST be countered with assassination onto them and their children”), Manson clarified later in his comments to his Facebook posting: “Assassinate the f—– n—– and his monkey children.”
Manson was angry at the prospect of President Obama’s signature on a law (the NDAA) that, according to some interpretations of the wording of certain provisions, might obviate due process with regard to suspected terrorists, even for American citizens. His answer to such a perceived threat to constitutionally guaranteed citizens rights (a valid concern) would be to have the president (and his children) assassinated — an overreactive response. Perhaps it did not occur to Manson that there are several ways in which the law could be overturned: through the judicial process and through the legislative process (the latter of which could amend, clarify the provision, or repeal it altogether).
Such extreme answers to the passage of laws often provoke, if not an equal and opposite reaction, at least a strong reaction.
Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is currently experiencing much the same problem — although nowhere near the offended vitriol — with his comments — at present mere suggestions — about arresting and subpoenaing judges that might not adhere to the agenda of an anti-secular Gingrich administration, presuming that he be elected president in 2012. Not only have politicians and even former Bush administration Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez spoken against such a curtailing and/or oversight of the judicial process, but Gingrich’s words seem to have had an effect on the national presidential preference polls as well. What once was a double-digit lead has disappeared and become a tie between the former Speaker of the House and Mitt Romney (as tracked by Real Clear Politics). Although Gingrich’s ideas of how to deal with “activist” judges and Manson’s racist call for assassination should not be equated, it must noted that the average American recoils from such extreme language, especially language that appears to call for a radical imposition and/or answer to an opposing view or action.

The Secret Service apparently thought Manson needed investigating as well, according to LA Weekly, and visited him on Monday evening,More at Source
I call False Flag. . .?!


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