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See Our Voice Is Louder World Wide and It Helped Set EMMA WEST FREE!

This is what WPWW in action does!!!!!!  Shera~

Emma West: White Supremacists to Send Donations

White supremacists are planning to send donations to Emma West the alleged racist in the ‘My Tram Experience’ YouTube video.
The International Business Times UK discovered a far-right forum which promotes white supremacy supporting “white hero” Emma West.
The group are planning to start a defence fund to show their support for the 34-year-old mother from New Addington.
The nationalists have apparently discovered the prison in which she is being held at and have asked guards how they can send her letters of support.
One said after donations were suggested: “Great work – let’s get a fund underway ASAP. Emma West NEEDS to know that she has a truckload of supporters and she needs moral support and financial help.”
Another poster continues: “Given what this woman’s done and is going through, if we don’t rally behind her and support her….then stormfront might as well shut down because this is literally opportunity of a lifetime…we can’t afford to let it pass by…
“Myself, I’m gonna send her a letter and $20….it’s all I can afford…if we all do the same…even $5… she’ll have smiles a’plenty after leaving that Orwellian hellhole of a prison….”

edit added Saturday December 17, 2011
 OK first off I would advise NOT sending a personal cheque as the banking fees in the UK are robbery. So safely to her: Emma West P.O.Box 4192 Bracknell, Berkshire, England RG42 9NB. I would suggest you get a bank draft of some sort or International Money Order for UK. We are all in the same boat, just ordinary little people, so am sure Emma will be astounded by even the smallest amount. This is really a first in that we are working from our continent over to the British Isles, united in patriotic purpose.

Comments said…
Emma West is the first test for international White Lobbyism, and it worked. She is at least free for Christmas with her family. Think deeply about this entire matter. There are not enough devoted white patriots to appear powerful and worthy within each White Nation. BUT , the few gems in each nation worked together to get the system nervous enough to free Emma ! The White Power of the Internet. When they step on one of us, our White globe hits back immediately. As has done this scribe, and has done the hostess of this excellent Web Site. Purchase your return flights now, others, while you can still ride in comfort.
JohnBeattie said…
This site is attractive and meaningful for sure. Hopefully it does never turn into the crazy talk of boxcars, etc. How in hell do some whacko web sites ever expect to get people to listen or read with such insane postings ?

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