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Taxpayers to pay $3 million to promote worldwide homosexual advocacy, Lady Gaga concerts

WASHINGTON, D.C. December 9, 2011 ( – As part of a worldwide campaign to promote global acceptance of homosexuality, the Obama administration has established a $3 million “Global Equality Fund” to fund homosexual political “advocacy” around the world at taxpayer expense. State Department guidelines suggest this could include everything from funding foreign political activists to campaign against legislation that defines marriage as a union between one man and one women, to hosting gay pride parades and concerts by Lady Gaga in far-flung countries.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton trumpeted the formation of the group in a speech she delivered in Geneva on Tuesday. “I am also pleased to announce that we are launching a new Global Equality Fund that will support the work of civil society organizations working on these issues around the world,” Clinton said.
“This fund will help them record facts so they can target their advocacy, learn how to use the law as a tool, manage their budgets, train their staffs, and forge partnerships with women’s organizations and other human rights groups,” Clinton said.
She noted the administration had “committed more than $3 million” of taxpayer funds to start this organization. The State Department’s website  describes the fund as a “public-private partnership” that “will seek partnership commitments from donor governments, corporations, and foundations.”
The fund will also pay for international “programs that enhance public awareness and further positive dialogue” about homosexuality, “such as inclusive civic education and cultural activities, and build diverse human rights coalitions around public messaging.”
Lady Gaga – the controversial pop singer who raised the ire of Christians earlier this year when she released a video for her song Judas that depicted her at one point dressed as Mary Magdalene, sensuously nibbling Jesus Christ’s ear.
The State Department boasts it “helped convince pop artist and LGBT advocate Lady Gaga to perform at EuroPride Rome in June 2011.”
Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, wrote  on Tuesday that she was “deeply moved” by the pop singer’s activism.MORE

This is insane that the POTUS and Hillary Clinton are once again throwing US Tax $$$ at something that the USA shouldn't be responsible for WORLD WIDE.  Or I think that it is a waste of Americas Hard Earned Money to make the world get a long with Freaks of nature.  
I can think of much better ways of spending that $3M.  Like helping Americans that have nothing but no they have to mismanage that money so that the Queers of the World are more accepted......  WTF   They will spend this kind of $$ but refuse to give Food Stamps to a white mother and her two children.  I don't care if she was mental or not that just makes me madder that  they refused to help her out.  She should have been a priority because of her mental illness.
But no it's alright that they are living in a 'camper'  we have to give more money to the welfare lifers and illegals that have a solid roof over their heads, $1,000 + a month in food stamps, ,medical benefits etc.  Texas can throw every excuse they want out there for why this woman was denied but lets face it plain and simple it's because she was WHITE! beautifulnightmare 


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