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A convicted JDL anti-Semitism militant has the nerve to say this: ‘Lying Coward Ron Paul And His Nazi Racist Newsletters’

edit (removal)of picture of Victore Vancier and the pedophile claims  taken down due to this comment, and newsnet14 doesn’t need the headache of arguing with this:  Rubystars
Hello I’m a moderator on the English forum also known by the handle Rubystars there. If you want to confirm this then contact me and I will confirm that I’m the owner of the listed e-mail address.
It’s true that Chaim ben Pesach (Also known as Victor Vancier) was involved in JDL bombings and was a JDL chairman in the past. He speaks about this on the forum and in various archived “Ask JTF” broadcasts. Chaim has explained why he did what he did. Even if you don’t agree with the tactics he used, bringing this up is irrelevant to the points he’s making about Ron Paul. It’s an ad-hominem attack against Chaim rather than addressing the legitimate points he brings up about Ron Paul.
Ron Paul is anti-Semitic and dangerous for America’s future and many others besides Chaim are recognizing this and talking about it.
The accusations about the pedophile stuff were fabrications made by enemies associated with a left wing Jewish group called Peace Now. These people have made other fakes as well. Left wing Jews like those at Peace Now despise Chaim because he opposes their leftist agenda. Chaim is against the NWO agenda and leftist policies and left wing Jews and Gentiles both resent that and try to make up lies about him to discredit him. It’s very irresponsible to promote this fake information and present it as true. If you care about your site’s credibility you will take that part of your article down.

This guys name is Victor Vancier. Apparently, he spent 5yrs. in federal prison for his involvement in 18 bombings in New York and Washington. 18 bombings? Only 5 years? But i’m sure his name isn’t on any SPLC list… Thank you Harry L Hughes III for the video.

A former head of the Jewish Defense League was sentenced yesterday to 10 years in Federal prison for taking part in a series of ”terrorist bombings” in the New York area since 1984 to protest Soviet treatment of Jews.

Official Confirmation of JDL Terrorism

The US Justice Department’s Federal Bureau of Investigation has repeatedly characterized the JDL as a terrorist and criminal organization. A report issued in 1985 by the FBI’s Terrorist Research and Analytical Center confirmed: (note 55)

In FBI terrorism analyses published since 1981, responsibility for 18 terrorist incidents has been attributed to groups seeking to publicize past and present injustices suffered by the Jewish people. While claims for some of these acts have been made in the names of the “Jewish Defenders,’ “United Jewish Underground,” and “Jewish Direct Action,” 15 of the incidents were attributed to the Jewish Defense League (JDL), by far the most well known of these groups.
Also in 1985, the FBI named the Jewish Defense League as the second most active terrorist group in the United States. (Only Puerto Rican terrorists were more active during this period.) The FBI linked the JDL to 37 terrorist attacks carried out from 1977 to 1984. (note 56) Two years later, the FBI announced that Jewish extremist groups had carried out 24 terrorist acts from 1981 through 1986, 17 of which were the work of the Jewish Defense League. (note 57)
Among the incidents was a firebombing at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center on Oct. 20, 1986, the day of a scheduled performance by the Moscow State Symphony. The firebomb damaged the stage-door entrance but caused no injuries.
In sentencing the defendant, Victor Vancier, 30 years old, of Whitestone, Queens, Judge I. Leo Glasser of Federal District Court in Brooklyn sternly told him, ”You don’t go bombing innocent people to make a point.”
He said he regarded Mr. Vancier as ”a danger to this community” and, at the request of the Federal prosecutor, Charles E. Rose, he revoked Mr. Vancier’s $1 million bail. According to the authorities, Mr. Vancier served as national chairman of the J.D.L. from April 1985 until November 1986. Two Others Sentenced
In separate sessions earlier in the day, Judge Glasser sentenced two other former members of the militant organization, founded in 1968 by Rabbi Meir Kahaneto combat anti-Semitism.
One of them, Murray Young, 60, of East Meadow, L.I., was sentenced to five years in prison. The other, Sharon Katz, 44, of West 57th Street in Manhattan, was given a suspended three-year prison sentence and six months of house arrest as part of a five-year probationary term.
”I have no justification for what I did,” Mr. Vancier said before his sentence was imposed. He said he realized that his actions had not helped his cause. And he asked for a new chance to build a constructive life.More at source


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