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Only in America, introducing ‘Un-Fair’ What are they putting in the water in MN?

Twin Ports coalition launches anti-racism campaign

A new anti-racism campaign focusing on what white people can do to help reduce racial disparities in the Twin Ports will make its public debut today.
A new anti-racism campaign focusing on what white people can do to help reduce racial disparities in the Twin Ports will make its public debut today.
“It’s hard to see racism when you’re white” is the slogan for the Un-Fair Campaign, sponsored by 15 local organizations. The campaign’s goal is to raise awareness about white privilege in the community and to provide resources to help overcome the problem.
Or, as the campaign’s literature puts it: “See It, Know It, Stop It.”
The campaign will use posters, billboards, a website, events and television and radio public service announcements to make the public aware of white privilege.
I want to thank JAM for passing this Un-Fair  link of utter outrage along to newsnet14.  

below is  only a bit taken from the Un-Fair Projects Web Site

What does this have to do with the Duluth community?

The population of Duluth is 89% white, which may be a factor in our community appearing and functioning as a monoculture. This causes some groups to feel marginalized and excluded.
This outcome was confirmed in a recent report on a three year study, Soul of the Community, commissioned by the Knight Foundation, which stated:
The [Duluth Area] community significantly underperforms against the comparison group overall and in four of the seven individual openness measures. … Fewer residents then in other comparable communities say it is a good place for racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, young adults without children, and talented college graduates looking for work.

What can individuals do to further their understanding of white privilege and structural racism?

“Doing the work” is about understanding structural racism and analyzing the systems we work and live in to look for the characteristic of structural racism. It also entails developing the willingness to continuously evaluate our own actions and seeing that they align with our intents, e.g.: “I don’t intend to take advantage of my white privilege, but I don’t address it or attempt to change it when I identify it.” It also means dedicating ourselves to being in authentic relationships with people of different races and ethnicities.
I couldn’t even finish reading it.  Here we go with the truly narrow minded uneducated self hating whites to the EXTREME, everything is  The WHITE MAN’s  fault yet again, including being born with ‘WHITE/PALE SKIN’
How can a city big or small that claims to be 90% white let what a 10% minority convince them to hate being white, they don’t or wouldn’t even know what to do in most cities across The United States, perhaps they need a taste of what TRUE  anti-white hate is from those they bow down too from most major cities.  Trust me we’d be happy to let you take as many as of these ‘ brown/black minorities’ as  you want.


Nick Lee Knight said…
Why the hell is it a 'problem' in which we must over come, in being white? Pretty sure affirmative 'black-tion' and so called 'equal' opportunities was supposed to do the same thing and all THAT did was lower our standards in public schools and work ethics, all the while cutting white americans out of jobs that we are QUALIFIED for to meet some racial quota of crackheads and less equivelent help based on ethnicity. What more resources can they expect than that? How much more must we cripple our own white americans before we finally throw our hands up in exasperation and say ' We've had enough! ' Instead, we keep being force-fed heaping helpings of white guilt and reverse racism targeted at 'whitey'. WAKE UP WHITE AMERICA! We are being systematically eradicated and expunged from the very country we molded and cultivated.
Oh I know,and I completely agree with you, it's complete BS and truthfully I think that many other whites are selling us down the river quicker then anything, because they are more concerned with who's in Rehab, whats going on with Lindsey or Snookie then worrying about our own survival. I know my brother was telling me earlier today that 75% of people that where born in 1980's-1990's are most concerned with Fashion, Status and Wealth.... btw thanks for joining my site and leaving a great comment~
I forgot to add, I was watching something tonight about the city I live in and it did two things proved I was right about something and then pissed me off like you wouldn't believe. It said that 82% of new residents in my state where foreign born between 2000-2006. Those foreign born residents would be from Africa mainly Somalia and those south of the US border

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