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Portland refusing to charge black assailants with “hate crimes.”

Despite increasing levels of brutal racially motivated black on white mob violence, many big city prosecutors still absolutely refuse to charge any blacks with hate crimes.
Portland has seen a rash of brutal racially motivated group assaults against random white victims.  None of the attackers are being charged with hate crimes despite the fact that the black perpetrators routinely use racial slurs while committing these crime.
Channel 2 Portland is reporting growing outrage over the refusal to prosecute black perpetrators with hate crimes. Watch the left-wing liberal arts college professor explain how black thugs attacking a white victim while screaming racial slurs is not a “hate crime.”
The same exact people claiming that the bus attack was “not a hate” would be screaming for hate crime charges if the races had been reversed.more at source
OK so if they want to look at ‘racial hate crime’ in that sense then they better be dropping a whole bunch of charges on white’s who where alleged attackers on a person of ‘color’ shera~

Blacks commit more hate crimes than Whites from NPR

NPR is as liberal as it gets, so if they say it, it must be true.
They don’t teach this during Black History Month.
MARTIN: The FBI reports that about 20 percent of hate crimes are committed by African-Americans. And does that mean anything, or does that information have some bearing on the this in some way?
MARK POTOK: Well, the FBI statistics are notoriously shaky, through no fault of their own. It’s a voluntary reporting system. The numbers are known to be extremely weak. That said, I think they are indicative of something. What the numbers show is, as you suggested, is almost 21 percent of hate crimes, according to FBI numbers, are committed by black Americans, who comprise about 13 percent of the population. About 58 percent are committed by whites, who makeup about 80 percent of the population.
So the FBI statistics do suggest that blacks commit hate crimes at a somewhat higher level than whites. And that is very possibly true. We really can’t know that because the FBI stats are so incomplete.
MARTIN: But what are the – what’s the age of most of the assailants? Are teenagers typical? Are they typically adults? Is there an pattern?
POTOK: Yeah, most hate criminals are between the ages of about 13 and 21 -probably more than half of them.
MARTIN: And most of the…
POTOK: And that is true of all crimes. So it’s not very particular to hate crimes.
MARTIN: Now, as you heard me discuss, there’s some sentiment out there – which I have read a lot of on the blogs – that some people feel that stories of black-on-white crime are downplayed. Do you have any thoughts about that?
POTOK: Well, I think that, first of all, that sentiment is extremely widespread. I’d say hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans think so. And it’s these kinds of cases that are constantly hauled out, you know, on the blogs, on various Web pages and so on to make this case.
Sometimes, there is real truth to the complaints. I think that there’s – yeah, I think there’s some truth to the idea that the media, or much of the media does tend to sort of gravitate toward a preferred narratives, or, you know, well-known narratives. You know, wicked whites attack, you know, sort of hapless black victims. You know, that said, a lot of these cases..

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