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Waiting for FDA approval: Anti-HIV pill ‘Truvada’ to cause AIDS epidemic?

It has been proven to drastically decrease the chances of contracting HIV before one is even exposed to the virus: Truvada is considered a medical breakthrough by some, yet others fear the once-a-day prevention pill could spur a deadly AIDS epidemic.

Tenofovir is a drug also used with another drug called Emtricitabine marketed as Emtriva, made by Gilead Drug Company. Tenofovir was approved by the FDA in 2001, as a treatment for HIV. and in 2008 for hepatitis.  The most common side effects is nausea, diarrhea, and can cause acute kidney failure, or tubular necrosis.
Studies and sample studies are small and tests by Family Health International warn about formulating any conclusive evidence that Tenofovir works to reduce the rate of HIV infection.
Emtricitabine causes abnormal skin color changes and sensation, depression, diarrhea, changes in color of the palms of the hands or skin on the soles of the feet,and many more including lack of energy.  More severe allergic reactions including swelling of the mouth, tongue, face, lips, fever, stomach aches, yellowing of eyes/skin, and rashes.  Nervous disorders are a side effect of this drug, including nerve damage (neuropathy) depression, paresthesia a numbing, tingling  or loss of sensation.
Costs of the Drug:  $ 8,000.00 a year per person.
The drug — a small, blue pill ingested orally — is currently awaiting FDA approval. Its manufacturer, Gilead, argues that Truvada would reduce the risk of risk of contracting HIV in as many as three-quarters of cases and has been proven so in tests already. AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein is weary of how people will use the pill, however, and warns, “I believe that this could be catastrophic in terms of HIV prevention.”
The argument against approving the pill, says Weinstein, is that it will encourage partners to engage in unprotected sex. While the pill is proven to work in many cases, it is not 100-percent guaranteed. The result, he says, could only make things worse for AIDS and HIV.
It’s a “fabulous drug – it’s one pill once a day, and it has a low side-effect burden,” says Weinstein. Unless the user is aware that the success rate of Truvada is limited and takes extra precautions such as traditional prophylactics though, that ignorance might trigger an AIDS epidemic that could destroy America.more 


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