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NAACP Approves Of Racist ‘Cracker Calling’ Remarks Made By Black Lawmaker

(West Memphis, AR) April Grabowski is shocked by the racist name-calling lawmaker Hubert Bass hurled in a letter to the West Memphis Evening Times editor.
The Crittenden County lawmaker starts by aiming at the white lawmakers he works with saying, “I expected those white, racist cracker b——-  to do what they did; they’re predictable you know.”

“If he’s in a place like that than he is a role model and people are going to look up to him so he shouldn’t say things like that, especially in this area,” said Grabowski. “It’s just kind of inappropriate.” Bass goes on to target people of his own race saying, “…and we should make NO excuses for sell-out n——, they put our lives in danger and the lives of our children in danger every time they make decisions against our best interest for their white, cracker bosses.”
“I don’t think it’s right for him to do that,” said Stephanie Spencer. “He wouldn’t want someone calling him that.”
The letter reads on saying, “These crackers aren’t superhuman. Yes, they bleed red blood, they die and bullets don’t bounce of their chests, they are not GOD. In fact they are the devil.”
However, Bass is defending his divisive words, “The vast majority of the community believes it’s true. I’m saying what a lot of people are thinking that they won’t say that needs to be said.”
Bass argues there is a white supremacy in Crittenden County and that a small few oppress the majority black community. He’s hoping his words will spark an uprising among African-Americans to get involved politically and push against injustice.more


Anonymous said…
I believe that what's more important is to evaluate if what the Court Justice is saying true, as it relates to racism. If racism exists as I'm sure it does, then what nice words should be said about racism & the racist who advocate such abuse of power. Racism & those who advocate it must be rebuked in the most severe way, to blame the victim or anyone who serves to admonish racism & racist is wrong.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Mr. Bass. The Court Justice just admonished racism and racist in the strongest of words. He admonished both black and white. Kool.

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