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Parents fear their children drifting to the far right. Is that code for opening their eyes and taking a stand to what is really going on?

Swastikas and far-right music in the bedroom, hate-speech against minorities – a child who drifts into the far-right scene is a nightmare for many parents.
“It was definitely the most horrible time of my life – sleepless nights, tears, depression. Two years of pure hell.” That’s how the mother of Kai (name changed) described the time when her son was part of the far-right scene.
Claudia Hempel, author of a new book entitled “When Children Drift into the Far Right,” says it’s mainly the mothers who fight for their children and actively look for help, while fathers often say that it will pass, or else “let their worries eat into them.”
Parents who are not themselves in the far-right scene are ashamed when their son or daughter glorify National Socialism, or preach violence or xenophobia, or even attack people. They ask themselves, “What did we do wrong?” If they seek help, then schools or youth welfare offices often imply that they must be at fault.
But political scientist Reiner Becker says that the causes of such a development are not just to be found at home. Schools, peers, and the political culture young people live in are equally important.
Becker’s network has noticed that children are drifting into right-wing cliques at a younger and younger age – sometimes as young as 10. Becker believes that as puberty begins earlier and earlier, so does the temptation to join forbidden, “evil” scenes. “It’s a way to really horrify adults in a way that other forms of expression and other youth cultures don’t do anymore.” MORE

Examining Hip Hop Culture

Since hip-hop emerged from the South Bronx in the 1970s, it has become an international, multi-billion-dollar phenomenon. It has grown to encompass more than just rap music—hip-hop has created a culture that incorporates ethnicity, art, politics, fashion, technology and urban life.
While keeping much of its original fan base, hip-hop music and culture have become popular among mainstream consumers—particularly suburban youth. Some believe that as commercial and “gangsta” rap emerged, so did lyrics that glorify drugs, violence and misogyny. Many artists who choose, instead, to feature socially conscious and politically oriented lyrics are considered alternative or underground.

Hip-hop’s white audience

“Well, rap music, and I will say hip-hop culture in and of itself, but rap music as its calling card, offers to young white males a sense of rebellion, freedom, manhood, courage. That’s what it means when you see a 50 Cent or Snoop Dogg or someone on television just blatantly defying the law and doin’ what they’re doin’.

“No one sees the thug and the criminal. They see courage. They see, ‘This is my chance to wile out and be rebellious in the form of music.’ Sort of, like, a video game kind of thing. Release certain tension through the fighting of some violent games on your PlayStation.”

Neo-Nazis cloak themselves in eco-rhetoric

They’re into organic farming, oppose GMOs and worry about endangered species. Experts say neo-Nazis are increasingly cashing in on themes of the environmental movement to attract new supporters.
“Environmental protection should be inherent to cultural progress.” That’s a statement that could easily be attributed to any environmentalist group. Instead it comes from the National Democratic Party (NPD), a far-right but still legal German party, and it’s another sign of how right-wing groups are increasingly latching on to environmental topics.
Extremist branch on the eco-tree
The environmental movement in Germany can be traced back to German Romanticism, when an increasingly industrial society began to consider whether nature had its own value.
Right-wing extremists who use eco-speak “are latching on to a long tradition,” said Heinrich.
Nils Franke, a historian of the environmental protection movement who works out of Leipzig in eastern Germany, said that the current growing use of environmental topics in the neo-Nazi movement also reaches back to successes with this strategy under the Third Reich.
I am so sick and tired of hearing this WHEN IS THE JEW MEDIA going to STOP, especially about the lyrics in music.  I can honestly say I have never heard any WP music advocate robbing, raping or advocate  doing drugs.   What they all seem to forget all of the horrid Hip-Hop,  Rap, Black Crap about killing, doing drugs, robbing and raping, and that is supposed to  be alright with everyone? 

Also, whats wrong with caring about what you eat and showing concerns about the chemicals and all kinds of artificial additives  starting with Monsanto that they are putting into the food we must eat that is slowly killing us, making people obese.   Not a damn thing is wrong with that.
It makes me sick, what I think parents are most afraid of  is their children aren’t the typical MSM kids and are learning more of the truths then them perhaps by turning the T.V. off and are willing to take a stand and be proud of doing the right thing for the future and future of White Children.   shera~
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