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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MSM finally publishes story of a White victim to a Black on White crime.

Why I no longer feel safe on Metro

By Kurtis Hiatt, Published: April 13

“[Expletive] the white man! [Expletive] the white man!”The man’s yells reverberated through the Metrorail car, breaking the quiet typical of an early-morning ride. I turned down the music on my iPhone. What was that? “[Expletive] the white man!” he screamed again. My fellow Blue Line riders and I looked around uneasily. I couldn’t see the man, but I did note that I seemed to be one of very few white men in the car. Still, I brushed it off. It’s not unusual to encounter crazy behavior while riding Metro. Rarely do things turn serious. As the train arrived at L’Enfant Plaza, I briefly considered switching cars. I didn’t.

I should have.
What happened next is a blur. I remember hearing “Look me in the eyes!” Now the voice was close — too close. I turned. The man had squared up directly in front of me, his face level with mine. I met his rage-filled eyes the moment before he head-butted me. Then his right fist came around in a hook, connecting just above my cheek.
“What are you doing?” was all I could yell, rather lamely, as I shoved him away. He turned his punches toward another victim as other passengers came to our aid. One of them pulled the man’s jacket over his head in a hockey-like maneuver. A woman was pushing the emergency call button. Feeling stunned, I remember wondering: Why isn’t the conductor responding?
So began a series of critical failures by Metro to protect its passengers.
We arrived at the Smithsonian station. The doors opened, and I ran to the conductor. Did he know what was going on? I didn’t get an answer — or any acknowledgment at all, in fact — but he appeared to be talking to someone on his radio. I ran to the escalator to get the station manager, knowing I’d have to pass the car where the assailant had been. Was he still there? What if he had a gun? As I headed up, the train began pulling away as if nothing had happened. How could the conductor possibly know whether the offender had gotten off the train? The answer: He couldn’t.
Finally!  It’s about time  something got printed or told, then I read it.  
After reading the story, I was embarrassed and a little disgusted.  I’m sorry you had to go through what many White Americans do on a daily basis that no one hears about.  Yes,  it sucks that Kurtis was assaulted but after that I thought he was a cry baby.  Buck up buddy the average wait time for a 911 call for a far worse crime for example an almost 9 month pregnant woman being punched in the stomach took longer then 45minutes to an hour for someone to show up, even if they do.  Thank goodness her and the baby where alright.   The only reason this story got printed was because Kurtis just happens to work in the media.  Just my thought.  Shera~

Washington Post publishes story from hate crime victim

Kurtis Hiatt is a former associate editor for the US News & World Report and the Daily Iowan. He currently edits GW Today. He wrote about being the victim of a racially motivated hate crime in DC for the Washington Post.

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