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Biologists sound Frakenfish warning after Asian snakehead fish reported in suburban Vancouver pond

A predatory northern snakehead fish, which eats almost anything and can even jump out of the water to attack small animals, has reportedly been discovered swimming in a small pond in a suburban Vancouver park. The spread of snakeheads has the potential to disrupt aquatic systems almost everywhere in Canada.
Snakeheads have been a growing problem in some U.S. states after being released into rivers and lakes by people who bought them live in food markets, according to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
Officials in Burnaby are investigating the reported sighting in Central Park, the Vancouver Sunreported.

A park visitor videotaped what he said looked like a snakehead lolling in the pond, which is home to carp, koi, and turtles, on Mother’s Day.
Equipped with a sharp teeth, they are highly aggressive.
“They have a primitive lung that allows them to move across land to other water bodies,” said biology professor Michael Russello of the University of British Columbia.
“They’re very scary. They’re an ambush predator. They can take a small dog.”
They’ve been dubbed “Frankenfish” for their unusual appearance, unique anatomy and voracious appetite, CBC News noted.
Usually, but not always, the origin of Frankenfish begins with man’s good intentions gone awry.
 Frankenfish are often controversial
Categories of Frankenfish
For our purposes, Frankenfish belong to one or more of the following categories:
1. Genetically Engineered Fish – Genetically engineered Frankenfish are those whose DNA has been changed by scientists to exact some desirable biological outcome. Desirable outcomes include but are not necessarily limited to enhanced colors, larger size, faster growth, better immune systems, more robust reproduction, or replenish lost fish populations.
The fisheries department says most of the 36 species of Asian and African snakeheads could not survive in Canada, but several – especially the northern snakehead – are hardy enough to live in all but the most northerly waters.

The DFO says those found in North America were likely released as unwanted pets or in ill-advised attempts at fish-stocking.  MORE   thank you battleskin88
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