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New Security Measures Installed In Brooklyn “Leiby Kletzky Security Initiative”

The Leiby Kletzky Security Initiative, named for the young boy who was murdered in Borough Park last July, will utilize the newest advances in surveillance technology to safeguard community residents.

The pilot program places 150 high-tech security cameras in strategic places throughout the community allowing for end-to-end surveillance as needed. “The Jewish community is the largest potential target for attacks—that’s why the NYPD is forced to increase its patrols in our community whenever terror alerts are issued,” noted Assemblyman Hikind.
“The security-surveillance system that we are about to put in place will not only decrease the chances of outside attacks, but it will also enormously enhance law enforcement’s ability to solve and prevent local crimes. If, for instance, a child were to go missing G-d forbid, we will have exponentially increased the ability to locate and recover that child.” 

Brooklyn’s Jewish community remains high on the list of potential danger zones in times of heightened security,” said Senator Skelos.
“Our State goes to great lengths to protect our State and National monuments, but our people are truly our greatest treasures and deserve our State’s protection. With the Leiby Kletzky Security Initiative, investing in this proverbial ounce of prevention far outweighs a pound of cure.”
Assemblyman Hikind pointed out that government and police officials have long agreed that there is a significant security threat to the Jewish community. The Borough Park and Midwood communities of Brooklyn have one of the largest concentrations of Jewish families in the U.S. and numerous acts of violent anti-Semitism have taken place in its confines. One of the new surveillance placed at Chase Manhattan Bank on 13th Ave.Working with Jewish community leaders, Assemblyman Hikind’s office identified key locations throughout the Borough Park and Midwood areas that would offer the broadest surveillance coverage. These include commercial districts, schools and institutions, as well as residential areas.
The area is bounded by 60th Street to McDonald Avenue, 9th Avenue to 20th Avenue in Borough Park, McDonald Avenue to Ocean Avenue, and Foster Avenue to Avenue U in Midwood. Surveillance cameras will be mounted at major intersections. MORE


Anonymous said…
This truly is a horrible sick crime what happened to this little boy, Jewish or not. But where is all this extra security cameras etc for other children and parents who happen to be 'gentile', white who are victims or survivors of crimes?

Where are the politicians bending over backwards in other savage horrific crimes? Usually when whites try to hold rallys or protests of support for the victims of these crimes they are made to look like they don't matter while a parade of 'we are the worlders' parade by acting and looking like they should be in a circus or something~

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