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Bang Bang you're dead

Everyone should watch this they really should. Granted some may think it's a little corny and compare it to an 'After-school Special' but it is a must see; in fact I had 2 grown men that happened to be big and burly tow truck drivers watch it and they both cried.  Fortunately I was never bullied like this, nor bullied anyone else, I in fact have stood up for people getting bullied at school and sometimes it lead to a physical fight but I'd do it again, and that's been several years ago.

After the first time I saw this on Showtime when it first played.   I cried because it reminded me of my School days/High School days, where Jocks would pick on others, the worst was when it happened to Handicapped students, or 'nerds' and see a teacher walk by saying nothing except Have a Good Game this weekend after they saw a 'Jock' push a student in a wheelchair into a locker, saying and doing nothing.  

At the end of this Blog/Videos are some comments I took from the last video.



Inspired by a play that has been presented dozens of times to middle- and high-school students throughout the United States, Bang, Bang, You're Dead ponders the possible reasons that outwardly "normal" teenagers periodically resort to Columbine-style violence. The focus here is on Trevor Adams (Ben Foster), an intelligent but hypersensitive high schooler whose troubled past has designated him "at risk." Feeling persecuted by those stronger and more popular than himself, Trevor has already run afoul of classmates and teachers alike by making death threats against the school football team. Now he has aligned himself with a group of fellow "outsiders" who call themselves the Trogs. Indulging in prankery that runs the gamut from merely irritating to potentially dangerous, Trevor and the Trogs plan an all-out deadly assault against their so-called enemies. Although the script points out that peer pressure and bullying has gone beyond the point of harmlessness in today's society, it is careful not to blame any one person or group for what ultimately happens to Trevor; even Trevor himself is shown to be comprised of equal parts villain and victim. First screened at the Seattle International Film Festival, Bang, Bang, You're Dead formally premiered October 13, 2002, over the Showtime cable network. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

bang bang you're dead part 6

bang bang you're dead part 7

bang bang you're dead part 8

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  • I've been bullied since first grade. Yes, First Grade. It's gotten worse and worse throughout the years. To be completely honest, last year I found myself at this point. That point where you're so low, you couldn't care less if you live or die. I dropped out of school to stop myself from doing anything because I was scared of what would happen if I did. That's my X. I have to say this is probably one of the best movies I've ever seen. It really shows what goes on inside a head at that point.
  • I just saw this movie i my health class and NEEDED to show my parents. They believe that bullying does not exist in today's society despite the fact that I get bullied. Thank you so much for uploading this!!
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I remember my first grade year some bullies put a kid in a locker.I watched and did nothing.I'm 37 now and I will always remember that being my biggest failing.Observers are just as much to blame(maybe more)as the bullier.


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