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“Métissage” – Now It’s An Obligation!


In a recent post I gave a few highlights of the speech delivered by Nicolas Sarkozy on December 17 to the students of the Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau.

But I had missed the best part.

Sarkozy : “relever le défi du métissage” by publicsenat
The website of François Desouche provides a short video from that speech, which can be viewed in its entirety (45 minutes) at several websites including Daily Motion.

The excerpt in question centers on the France’s obligation to become a mixed country – that troublesome word “métissé” is once again at the heart of his incredibly threatening speech. The verb “métisser” theoretically means to mix blood or to crossbreed, but at times it is used more loosely to mean mix cultures. Sarkozy uses the word, or a form of it, at least 7 times in the first few seconds of the video. Whether he is referring to the mixing of blood or merely destroying French culture by bringing in hostile aliens, it is impossible to avoid the fact that he is telling the French people, in terms that have never been so menacing, that they have to mix, or else.

What madness has the election of Obama wrought in the mind of this unFrench-man?
Here is my rendition of his words. It is far from perfect, because his grammar seems a bit off at times. Except for two places, I have retained the French word “métissage” (crossbreeding), and it’s various verbal and adjectival forms, since “crossbreeding”, “racial mixing” and other similar terms don’t always convey the right meaning. “Crossbreeding” sounds too scientific, as when farmers crossbreed crops. “Miscegenation” is too technical and refers to marriage. “Mongrelization” and “bastardization” are too graphic. It looks as if “métissage” will join “laïcité” and “communautarisme” as French words that are so troublesome, it’s better to just leave them.
However, if you have suggestions, feel free…  >>>MORE<<<
thank you WolfHound
Similar translations for “métissage” in English
La mobilité des chercheurs tend aussi à être élevée en présence d’ un telmétissage de chercheurs.
Mobility of researchers also tends to be high when there is a mix of such researchers.
L’émergence de la xénophobie et du racisme, ou de la tolérance et dumétissage, est à son paroxysme dans la région méditerranéenne.
The emergence of xenophobia and racism, or tolerance and multiculturalism, is most intensely illustrated in the Mediterranean.
Pourtant, que cela plaise ou non à certains, l’Europe est déjà un continent multiracial et multicolore, et aucun raciste ne peut désormais empêcher le grand métissageet le croisement des peuples.
However, whether some of us like it or not, Europe is already a multiracial and multicultural continent and no racist is going to stop people intermingling and intermarrying.


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