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Recap Of National Alliance’s Community Meeting On Immigration

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On June 11, 2012 concerned citizens ignored the media’s attempt to intimidate them from attending a meeting called to discuss truth and reality, real issues and incidents that have been a direct result of third world immigration into a northern Kentucky town and the region and country in general. The following is my account of events that took place right before and during the one hour and thirty minute meeting.
I arrived about 20 minutes before the 7pm scheduled start of the meeting and found that a police car and a group of protesters were present in front of the library. I walked by them and made my way into the library, after all this meeting was for people who share the concerns that I do about the effect that third world immigrants are having on the community and not for people who are determined to ignore the real incidents that have taken place that contradict what the media, schools, and government has told them about diversity being a “strength” and multiculturalism being positive for the country.
I have to be honest, I was a little concerned that the media blow-up over the meeting was going to scare people who agreed with the message of the flyers promoting the event and make it to where no one would even show up. Several supporters of the local unit of the National Alliance here had made the decision to not show up as they intended because of the possibility of being on TV later. Upon entering the meeting room I was surprised to see that four supporters had already arrived and were seated with a newspaper reporter who had also arrived before I had.

UNION, Ky. – A library in Northern Kentucky housed a controversial meeting Monday night that sparked debate over First Amendment rights. While a white supremacist group held an anti-immigration meeting inside, demonstrators exercised their own free speech rights outside.
The controversy erupted when Florence and Boone County residents started to see flyers publicizing the meeting on their cars over the last week.
The flyer read in part that it wanted to rid the region of immigrants and “the rabble from the inner city of Cincinnati who have flocked to Florence.” To view the flyer click here ( .
Residents upset over the tone and message decided to mount an impromptu demonstration. A half dozen protesters held signs at the Scheben branch of the Boone County Public Library calling for understanding and peace between the races.
After a number of hearty handshakes with the supporters who had already arrived I informed the reporter that I would be happy to speak with him but that the room would be closed to the media at 7pm so the meeting could proceed as scheduled. He brought up the “uproar” that had followed our flyer distribution promoting the meeting and I plainly replied by asking if one lady and her daughter complaining about the flyers could be considered an uproar? I went on to say that it would be interesting to see how many people would show up and that any who did would have to deal with the fact they might be considered one of the trusty smear words that were trotted out the week prior for attending the meeting.
Thank you Brian


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