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Use Common Sense and Choose your words wisely; they may come back and bite you especially if your ‘White’.

Virginia man who wrote comments about

President Obama arrested on weapons charge

Washington (CNN) – A Virginia man who allegedly made comments suggesting President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder should be removed from office by violent means was arrested Wednesday and charged with illegally obtaining a fully automatic AK-47.
Court documents describe Douglas Howard Story, 48, as a white supremacist who came under investigation by law enforcement after posting on an Aryan Nation Web forum that he was buying an AK-47 and wanted to modify it to be fully automatic. According to an affidavit, a confidential source working with the authorities reported in August 2011 that Story had written he was “planning on ambushing and murdering any law enforcement officer that stops him on the street if and when martial law is enacted in the United States.” Story allegedly stated martial law could come about under various scenarios, including if President Barack Obama were to be assassinated.
Story is not charged with threatening to harm Obama, but he allegedly once posted on a website, “I think there’s one way Obummer would be proven as a mere mortal.” Story then says that would be proven with the use of a 30.06 round.
In another posting, Story discussed Attorney General Eric Holder. “Holder will likely be removed when the administration changes in 2012. Although, personally I’d prefer removing him from office with a 30.06,” Story allegedly wrote.
The government says Story, who posted under the screen name “Confederate Brother,” often made racist rants online and frequently discussed removing African-Americans from government positions.
Story discussed his desire to modify an AK-47 with two separate confidential sources who were secretly working with law enforcement. On May 9 Story was introduced to a man known as Ricky, who agreed to modify the gun, and Story handed over $125. Ricky, who was an undercover officer,

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