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African-American Education Office: Obama Announces White House Initiative On Educational Excellence

All this from the race of people ‘blacks’ that where complaining and fighting, blacks and whites died for.  All because they weren’t getting the same education as  ’The Blue Eyed Devil’ all those years ago.   I already thought blacks had some kind of special  group in relation to their education to begin with?What still makes me most angry is that they have their own Afrocentric  Schools that tax payers have to pay for, their own Black Colleges and Universities ‘ United Negro College Fund’; not to mention funds, scholarships/grants; all of them for the most part, which White Males and Females are ineligible for due to the color of  our skin.

Historically Black Colleges and

Universities Ranking

These historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) were compared only with one another for these rankings. In order to be on the list, a school must be designated currently by the U.S. Department of Education as an HBCU. To qualify for the U.S. Newsranking, an HBCU also must be an undergraduate baccalaureate-granting institution that enrolls primarily first year, first-time students and must be a school that is currently part of the 2012 Best Colleges rankings.
Also what I want to know is, blacks that grew up and live in white neighborhoods and went to white schools for the most part seem to do well and have no problems at least when I went to school, they weren’t taught or treated special.   Then Government Housing Projects ‘ghettos’  where built in my school district and things went to hell.  
Bring back segregated school districts if other races feel they must be with their own, even now the different races in schools hang out with their own kind for the biggest part.  It’s called nature.  
It’s apparent this little multicultural experiment failed on many levels.  
This has got me so angry, and this is totally racist against whites.  Whites have been dumbed down and made to forfeit their education because of many of the ‘Afrocentric thugs’  disrupting, causing havoc  due to feeling they weren’t given the same education  for all these years.  shera~
I think it’s needed all over the world. Where ever black people are even Africa. Eurocentric history is not good for the African.  This is good, great wonderful. It will help reverse the miseducation of the Negro. Intergration is not a good idea!
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is creating a new office to bolster education of African-American students.
The White House says the office will coordinate the work of communities and federal agencies to ensure that African-American youngsters are better prepared for high school, college and career.
Obama is announcing his election-year initiative Wednesday night in a speech to the civil rights group the National Urban League as he seeks to rally black voters. Aides say his executive order, to be signed Thursday, will set a goal of producing “a more effective continuum” of programs for African-American students.

African American students are

thriving in Afro-centric schools

Louise Brown (2007, November 10). Black only, but don’t use the `S’ word; Children are thriving in Afro-centric schools south of the border. Advocates argue that progressive segregation is the only way to reach troubled African American students.
“Public schools have failed African-American students, which is shown in lower graduation rates and lower achievement,” says education professor Carol Lee of Northwestern University, founder of the Betty Shabazz charter school in Chicago, whose three campuses boast 825 students from kindergarten to Grade 12.
Abstract (Summary)
“Given the condition of the urban landscape, our children need to be culturally centered to learn, and they’re not,” said Raton, whose school begins each day with a black history fact, a pledge of pride and a message based in “black old-school values” of courtesy and respect for elders.
“African-centric schools have sprung from the belief that African-American students living in a society with a history of racism and stereotypes need a form of socialization that provides them with sociological buffers,” [Carol Lee] said.
“Our point simply is we can view the world through the perspective of the people of Africa. Africa is the mother of civilization.”
“People call these schools racist as a tactic to keep the status quo, but the status quo doesn’t teach the whole diverse story,” said [Anthony Daniels]. “People can say public school curriculum is multicultural, but it’s not – it’s a melting pot where cultures get lost. We like the idea of a cultural salad bowl instead, where every ingredient keeps its flavor.”

 The president announced his election-year initiative, the first-ever White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, in remarks to the civil rights group National Urban League Convention Wednesday as he sought to rally black voters.

Aides told the Associated Press that the executive order, to be signed Thursday, will set a goal of producing “a more effective continuum” of programs for African-American students.
In his remarks Wednesday, Obama said he is creating the office “so that every child has greater access to a complete and competitive education from the time they’re born all through the time they get a career.” From his speech:  >>>MORE<<<              thank you Richard


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