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New Israeli Rule Aims to Halt Illegal Migrants from Wiring Money Home, So what’s the problem America?

The only thing done with US States that try to stop this or tax it is, they get stopped by being called RACIST.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 
The Illegal Immigration Fee Actwas the first bill focusing on illegal immigration to come to a vote this year in the Georgia Legislature, and it passed 106-60. It now moves to the state Senate, which is already set to consider a separate, comprehensive package of illegal immigration legislation. 
Supporters of House Bill 1238 hailed it as a small step toward recouping some of what the state government spends on emergency room care for illegal immigrants. Opponents argued it that would penalize hardworking laborers, many of whom do jobs that Americans don’t want, and suggested that a fee on wire transfers could send more illegal immigrants underground and harm U.S. companies. 
Rep. Tom Rice (R-Norcross), who sponsored the bill, said it would funnel money back into a health care system that is now used, but not financially supported, by illegal workers. Rice wants any fees collected to be earmarked for indigent health care. 
“All it says is, If you are here illegally, and you seek to transfer money out of the country by wire, you will be asked to pay,” Rice said. “We’re not going to send you to jail or get the immigration bus after you.” 
Rice said he didn’t know how much money the fee would raise or how much money illegal immigrants are costing taxpayers for health services. “We don’t even know how many illegal immigrants are in the state,” Rice said. 
Estimates of the number of illegal immigrants in Georgia range from 250,000 to 800,000. According to the Inter-American Development Bank, immigrants in Georgia sent $947 million to other countries in 2004. 
The Senate as early as next week could take up Senate Bill 529, which would deny state benefits to adult illegal immigrants and penalize employers who hire them. 
Democrats, who are a minority in the Legislature, led the floor fight against Rice’s proposal. The vote mostly followed party lines, with a few Democrats voting for the bill. Republicans control the chamber with 100 votes. 
Rep. Austin Scott (R-Tifton) broke ranks with his GOP colleagues. 
In a speech, Scott said that comprehensive immigration reform is needed, because of the impact illegal immigrants have on crime and public schools. But Scott said he believes that Rice’s bill would “tax people who are doing the best they can to provide for their families. I’ve got a moral problem with that.” 
The 5 percent wire transfer fee would not apply to anyone who could prove they are in this country legally, by presenting one of more than a dozen documents, including a driver’s license or passport. The bill was amended on the House floor to waive the fee if the illegal immigrant can produce a pay stub or tax return showing that he has paid taxes in Georgia. 

New Israeli Rule Aims to Halt Illegal Migrants from Wiring Money Home
The Israeli Justice Ministry wants to criminalize international wire transfers by infiltrators, in a bid to deter them from seeking work in Israel.The bill calls for six-month imprisonment or a 30,000 shekel fine (around 7,500 U.S. dollars) for lawbreakers, which the ministry stressed was meant against illegal infiltrators, and not refugees.The bill amendment is still due to be approved by the Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs and then by the Knesset (parliament).Natalja, an Eritrean refugee, said that the new amendment will put her and her family in an impossible situation.“My parents and brother are still there, and my father isn’t well. I try to help with whatever I can by sending them money. Now, if this bill passes, what am I going to do?” she said.“I think they’re using whatever tactics they can to get us to leave. My family needs this money and I don’t know what I’m going to do. My family and other people’s families need to survive,” she added.Sigal Rozen, director of the Tel-Aviv-based Hotline for Foreign Workers, told Xinhua Monday that the amendment puts some of the refugees between a rock and a hard place.
“A lot of asylum seekers are kidnapped in the Egyptian border with Israel in the Sinai peninsula by Bedouin smugglers. They are required to pay a heavy ransom to break free — sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. Their relatives help them and then they have to wire money back to them, so they can survive,” she said.
“Israel is putting more and more obstacles before refugees, in hopes they will all leave on their own behalf,” she said. “But where can they go to?” Rozen added. “A lot of these asylum seekers are supporting their families. Some of those families they have back home are on the brink of starvation.”
“Restricting infiltrators from wiring money balances Israel’s right to protect itself from the growing phenomenon of infiltration while respecting human rights. Upon departure, the infiltrators can take what they’ve earned,” the statement reads.
Population and Immigration authority (PIBA) estimates that there are around 50,000 infiltrators in Israel, hailing from a number of African states, among them Eritrea, Sudan and elsewhere.>>>MORE<<<

Then you have idiot Americans who say’ Oh they pay taxes, while working on stolen Social Security Numbers/Cards, and ‘oh my god they DO have to pay sales tax…where’s the crime?’  ’ So they pay taxes your just racist haters, heavens no they don’t get any kind of help from the Government, what are you thinking?’       shera~
Undocumented immigrants, in most cases, are able to use a false SSN to gain employment. In doing so, they are subject to the payroll tax as well as federal, state and local income tax that are usually automatically deducted from their paychecks. Most immigrants never see this money again, either because they do not complete tax forms, or because they are not eligible for Social Security benefits because they are undocumented.
To contend that the income they earn is untaxed is quite simply false. According to the National Immigration Law Center, illegal immigrants contribute $8.5 billion to Social Security and Medicare, and $50 billion in federal taxes every year. Furthermore, many undocumented immigrants do not earn enough to pay federal income taxes and often do not apply for available tax credits and refunds. They are clearly paying their fair share into the system.  MORE

. . . .lawmakers added other changes to the illegal immigration bill that they have made a priority to pass before the General Assembly becomes bogged down with budget debates and the chaotic once-a-decade task of redrawing district lines. 
One of those changes is to make a felony out of creating fake IDs for illegal immigrants.  Certain lawmakers wanted it made clear that the law would not make a felony out of creating fake IDs for underage drinkers. 
Another change would create an information database of all those who are stopped and hassled about their immigration status to make sure cops aren’t racially profiling. 
In a bad budget year with sputtering state coffers, new revenue must be found to pay for the new border patrol mandated in the immigration reform bill. Lawmakers have made it clear raising taxes is out of the question.
Enter the international transfer fee.  To pay for the program, a $5 charge would be levied on all international wire transfers of up to $500 and a 1 percent fee on any transaction larger. The measure was added toward the end of the late-night Senate debate, seemingly out of nowhere.


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