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Sharia law supporter retains lawyer’s license in Russia, despite threats of blood shed.

Khasavov Flees Russia, But Sharia Law Remains

News of Dagir Khasavov’s outrageous call for Russia to officially recognize Sharia law on its territory is spreading like wildfire. The Russian Interior Ministry is evaluating the lawyer’s remarks for evidence of extremism. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor General’s Office has already announced that, with the help of experts from the Russian Institute of Cultural Studies, it has determined that Khasavov’s comments indeed showed signs of extremism. Alexander Ordzhonikidze, director general of the REN TV network, which aired Khasavov’s remarks, has been issued an official warning.
The Federal Chamber of Lawyers, of which  Khasavov is a member, immediately moved to revoke their garrulous member’s license over his violation of the Federal Law “On Advocacy and the Bar in the Russian Federation” and the Lawyer’s Code of Professional Ethics.
Many of the major Muslim organizations and leaders were unanimous in their more or less harsh condemnation of Khasavov.

Sharia law proponent retains lawyer’s license

The Moscow Bar Association’s qualification board has declined to strip Dagir Khasavov of his attorney license for making statements on the need to legalise Sharia trial in Russia, which provoked a massive outcry, Khasavovs defense attorney Sergei Belyak told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/
The association terminated the administrative proceedings initiated by the Justice Ministry.
Khasavov’s representative has said that his client is still considered a suspect. He has already testified and some of his relatives, as well as several journalists, have also been interrogated.
In his interview with REN TV channel, Khasavov declared that Russia needs Sharia trial. According to him the Muslim community should set its own rules and if it faces resistance, there will be blood shed.
Prosecutors have established that his statements were designated to incite hostility and hatred and humiliate a group of individuals based on their attitude to religion (Islam), and could also be regarded as a call for extremism. Investigators began their prosecution following an inspection.
In view of the prosecutors’ conclusions, the Justice Ministry proposed that the Moscow Bar Association should deprive Khasavov of his status as a lawyer.
In a previous statement, Khasavov said attempts were made to portray him as an enemy of Russia, but there were no grounds for his license to be withdrawn.   


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