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America is turning against the money hungry one sided lies of the SPLC

Are SPLC Supporters Being Lied to?..

One would have to question the sanity and sincerity of the SPLC’s manufactured allegations against the MRM, as even they live in denial of their own actions. They are in that process of self-denial as they behave directly opposite to what they claim to stand for. Their confusion, obvious hypocrisy and duplicity,  demonstrates that the SPLC have created a new “Standard of Behaviour” rule, of which only they are exempt..


 GUEST: Mark Potok is one of the country’s leading experts on extremist movements and is the editor-in-chief of the SPLC’s award-winning, quarterly journal, the Intelligence Report, its Hatewatch blog, and its investigative reportsThe SPLC has other obvious links to fanatics as well as floating in funds and avoiding taxes..

Men’s Rights Movement Spreads False Claims about Women

By Mark Potok and Evelyn Schlatter
Misogynists in the men’s and fathers’ rights movements have developed a set of claims about women to support their depictions of them as violent liars and manipulators of men. Some suggest that women attack men, even sexually, just as much as men attack women. Others claim that vast numbers of reported rapes of women, as much as half or even more, are fabrications designed to destroy men they don’t like or to gain the upper hand in contested custody cases. What follows is a brief look at some of these claims and what the best science really shows.
THE CLAIM Men’s rights activists often insist that men are victimized by sex crimes and abuse just as much as women are, if not more. This assertion is meant to support their contention that the courts and laws outrageously favor women.
* The SPLC is closely aligned with cultural Marxists and convicted terrorists like Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers, who was lauded by the SPLC’s “Teaching Tolerance” project as a “civil rights organizer … teacher and author.”

Southern Poverty Law Center admits it does not monitor ‘the extreme Left’

(SPLC) of Montgomery, Alabama admitted today that it does not monitor “the extreme Left” although for years the organization has billed itself as a watchdog of hate groups.
The admission came during a phone interview conducted by Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review, during which Cooke asked a spokesman for SPLC if the organization had plans to begin to track the Occupy movement in light of the foiled terrorist attempt to blow up a bridge in Cleveland, Ohio.
The suspects who were arrested in the case are connected directly to the Occupy movement.
According to Cooke the person who first answered his call at SPLC appeared stunned by the question. She then transferred him to a representative who was conducting an international conference on right wing extremism.
In an interview that took on the characteristics of a cat and mouse game, the spokesman offered various nebulous reasons for the Center’s practice of avoiding the tracking of left wing groups.

America is turning against the nefarious SPLC

For decades the SPLC has netted tens of millions a year by beating the twice dead horse of the Ku Klux Klan. Yet, earlier this year, the SPLC could not even name a single actual Klan leader or member of any significance. Not a single Klan member or leader appears on their list of “thirty to watch.” They named three “neo-Nazi” leaders. One does not even currently live in the US. So he is not actually leading anything. The other two, the SPLC admits do have any followers and aren’t actually leading anything either. So they couldn’t name a single real “neo-Nazi” leader. The SPLC has no real threats to point too, so they have to invent threats.
The SPLC has now been demonizing mainstream conservative groups. The outfit has become a militarized venom spewing machine of the far-left.MORE

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