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Greece Being “Invaded” by Waves of Immigrants,as Amnesty International basically says deal with it.

For Illegal Immigrants, Greek Border
Offers a Back Door to Europe

The 126-mile border between Turkey, which is not in the European Union, and Greece, which is, has become the back door to the European Union, making member countries ever more resentful as a tide of immigrants from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa continues to grow. Frontex, the European Union’s border policing agency, estimated that a vast majority of the crossings in 2011 occurred at the Greece-Turkey border. Last year, Frontex said, more than 55,000 people crossed the border, a 17 percent rise from the year before.
The flow has raised tensions throughout Europe, to the point where the top French official responsible forimmigration seriously suggested that a wall be built along the entire border. In Greece, one person in 20 is estimated to be here illegally,
The increase in illegal immigrants in Greece has created support for the extreme-right Golden Dawn party, which has vowed to rid Greece of foreigners who enter the country illegally. Even the country’s mainstream parties have taken a harder line, though the Greek government is widely derided as inept in its efforts to police the border.

Amnesty International Blasts Greek Roundup of Immigrants

ATHENS – An ongoing sweep that has taken more than 6,000 immigrants into custody in search of people in Greece unlawfully has been condemned by the human rights group Amnesty International, joining a chorus of Leftist Greek political parties and organizations who also criticized the action.
“The Greek authorities must halt a mass police crackdown on irregular migrants and allow for effective access to asylum-seeking procedures to those in need of international protection,” Amnesty International said on Aug. 9, adding that it was concerned that what it called such a massive and discriminatory operation would fuel further attacks against immigrants, which are on the rise, and xenophobia in the country.
The group said that asylum seekers often face serious obstructions and as few as one in 10,000 are allowed to stay in the country while most wait for hours in long queues even to file applications at police headquarters. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has made a priority of going after illegal immigrants which he said were a “disease” afflicting Greece. The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which holds 18 seats in Parliament, has been linked to assaults on immigrants but said it was not involved, although it acknowledges it wants to rid Greece of foreigners.
The Greek Council of Refugees said it understood and appreciated Greece’s right to protect its borders but said that this could not override its obligations under European and international law to respect the rights of refugees seeking political asylum. Greek officials have said the country is being “invaded” by waves of immigrants seeking asylum or who want to use the country as a gateway to other European Union countries. Greece said it is being left alone with the burden of trying to handle the influx.

Greece Being “Invaded” by Waves of Immigrants, Detains 6,000

ATHENS – Even as authorities continue a sweep of illegal immigrants and planning to build detention centers to house them – and ready to deport some 200 Pakistanis – Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said the country is being overrun by an “invasion of immigrants” he liked to attempts by the Ancient Dorians, a Hellenic group who swept down from the north, ending the Mycenaean civilization.
Police said a total of 4,900 people were rounded up in Athens on Saturday in an operation to evict undocumented immigrants and that 1,130 were detained. “Greece and our existence is under threat,” he told SKAI radio, adding that he believes the problem is even bigger than the country’s economic crisis, and he urged local authorities and Greek citizens to support the push to rid the country of illegal immigrants, one of the cornerstones of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ campaign before the June 17 elections.
“The immigration problem is maybe even bigger than the financial one,” he said, calling the issue a “bomb at the foundations of the society and of the state.” Dendias warned that “unless we create the proper structure to handle immigration, then we will fall apart.”
This is how True Nationalism Works!


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