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More examples of how the Jew’s and other Countries wanted to destroy German Nationalism and the German people.

More Jewish plans to completely wipe-out the German people

“Even the bloodiest aspirations of Hitler would hardly equal the
slaughter which the execution of this proposal would entail.”
- J. W. Bennett
One Jew who famously suggested the forced extinction of Germans by sterilization,
was Theodore N. Kaufman in his well received 1941 book Germany Must Perish.
But he wasn’t the only American Jew who favoured the genocide of Germans

Hooton Plan  translated from German

As Hooton Plan be published in the 1940s thought the Harvard anthropologist Earnest Hooton referred to are the racial characteristics of Germans in the center and place of psycho-social re-education is a biological “hairsheep” and Umvolkung as a necessary measure to its successful and lasting submission propagate.

The “Plan”

On 4 January 1943 Hooton published in the Peabody Magazine, New York, a post titled:“Breed was strain out of Germans”, in which he calls a new breed of German: [1]
“General thrust is to destroy German nationalism. The purpose of these measures, it is among other things, the birth rate of the Germans to reduce, as well as the immigration and settlement of non-Germans, in particular to encourage men in Germany. “



Three-Point Program for Post-War World Described

Published: Friday, April 17, 1942
Criticizing the post-War plan set forth yesterday by Dr. Earnest A. Hooton, professor of Anthropology, Pitirim A. Sorokin, professor of Sociology, said last night that any such scheme to create “a synthetic race of German people made up of non-Germanics from other countries to replace the present stock in the Reich” is untenable both in theory and in practice.
Sorokin denied Hooton’s thesis that Germans are inherently militaristic. He pointed to world history, which he claimed showed that virtually every century has had a different aggresive influence.
According to the Sociology professor, the Germany of Schiller was one of the most peaceful nations that ever existed, and merely because militant nationalists have gained control of the Reich today is no reason to assume that aggression is a characteristic of the German people.

The Organised persecution of ethnic Germans refers to systematic activity against groups of ethnic Germans based on their ethnicity.
Historically, this has been due to two causes: the German population were considered, whether factually or not, linked with German nationalist regimes such as those of Imperial Germany or the Nazis. This was the case in the World War I era persecution of Germans in the United States, and also in Eastern and Central Europe following the end of World War II.
While many victims of these persecutions did not, in fact, have any connection to those regimes, cooperation between German minority organisations and Nazi regime did occur, as the example of Selbstschutz shows, which is still used as a pretense of hostilities against those who did not take part in such organisations. After World War II, many such Volksdeutsche were killed or driven from their homes in acts of vengeance, others in ethnic cleansing of territories prior to populating them with citizens of the annexing country. In other cases (e.g. in the case of the formerly large German-speaking populations of Russia, Estonia, or the Transylvanian (Siebenbürgen) German minority in Rumania and the Balkans) such persecution was a crime committed against innocent communities who had played no part in the Third Reich.
German populations have also been persecuted because they were perceived as lacking proper ties to the country in which they lived — this includes the persecution of ethnic German MennoniteAmish and Hutterite communities in the United States;>>>MORE<<<

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ca; 1917-1918 Author U.S. Food Administration. Educational Division. Advertising Section.

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