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Why White Power Bands Need to End Playing Rock?

Not long after the news of the shooting of the worshipers at a Sikh (pronounced sick) by yet another in the long line of Me-Insurgents (me me me), followup reports reveal that Wade Michael Page was a bass player in a White Supremacist/Neo Nazi heavy metal band called End Apathy. I have long known about the so-called hardcore music culture within rock and roll, quite a number are openly racist bands playing for small independent record companies or labels created or owned by and operated by Skinheads or Aryans Nations members and their ilk.
Snoop Doggy Dogg is not everyone’s idea of a role model. Born Calvin Broadus 22 years ago in Long Beach, Calif, he is by all accounts the fastest-rising star in the music world. Before he even released a record, he’d appeared on the cover of three major music magazines. When his debut album, “Doggystyle,” hits the stores this Tuesday, it is expected to be among the fastest-selling recordings in history. “It’s going to be larger than life,” says Chip Hall, director of purchasing for the 280-store Super Club Music chain. Long anticipated, it is a cinematic, deadpan depiction of a ghetto world where the men sling dope and tote firearms, and the women are bitches or “hoes.” In the cities and suburbs, kids love Snoop Doggy Dogg because they think he’s “real.” And perhaps he is. Last Friday he was indicted in Los Angeles Superior Court for the murder of Phillip Woldemariam. He maintains his innocence and is currently free on $1 million bail.  more

While I support their right to play what they want, if any of them are reading this I must put you on notice of one very small requirement I have for you. Call it my personal code; the African Rock-Snake Mandate. Henceforth all non-black rock musicians and bands playing said type of music widely-known to be under the categories of hard rock, punk rock (Death, 1974. 3 years before the Ramons & Sex Pistols), hardcore, heavy metal (Joe Hill Louis late ’40?s-early ’50?s), speed metal (Bad Brains ’79), gothic, goth, or any other category of music generally associated with rock (including rock’s precursors; ragtime, blues, rhythm & blues, folk, jazz, big band, swing, bebop, do-wop, and of course today’s hip-hop) while concurrently espousing hate and venom for people of African decent should be banned from playing rock music and it’s aforementioned styles.
thank you MDS

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