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Golden Dawn assails Electronic ID for Greeks, attack market vendors, as Greece stops police protectioning far-right lawmakers.

Greek Interior Minister Nikos Dendias, who has vowed to “crush” lawbreakers in the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, has tangled with them again, this time over government plans to issue electronic identification cards.
Christos Pappas, one of the 18 Members of the Parliament in seats won by the party in the June 17 elections, told Dendias during a sharp exchange in the body that Golden Dawn doesn’t want the ID’s and said it was fighting for a “free Greece” and would not allow what he called the government’s “terrorism to pass.”
Pappas said electronic ID’s would be an “attack” on Greek people and society. “We were born free and will die free, as Orthodox Christians. We will resist your Orwellian measures,” he said.
Referring to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, Pappas continued: “Convey to your political boss, a political ‘Pinocchio’, who has fooled the Greek people with lies … that my party will fight and will not let your terrorism pass. We will attack.”

Members of Greece’s extreme-right Golden Dawn party are under investigation for posing as police.

It comes after the emergence of a video which appears to show the group’s supporters in the town of Rafina, near Athens, asking to see migrant vendors’ residence papers.
Shortly afterwards another group is seen kicking over one of the stalls and smashing up merchandise.
One of the party’s MPs, George Germenis, justified the action: “We took a walk around the bazaar and listened to the problems of small goods sellers here and we noticed some illegal immigrants trying to sell their stuff without the appropriate licenses. We told the police and then we did what Golden Dawn must do.”

Sep 10, 2012

Greece scrapped police protection for lawmakers from the far-right Golden Dawn party on Monday after the bodyguards did nothing while the deputies went on a rampage destroying street stands run by migrant vendors.
Led by three lawmakers, Golden Dawn supporters in black glasses and black T-shirts overturned and broke tables manned by migrants at open-air markets held on Saturday at the central Greek towns of Messolongi and Rafina.

Reacting to public criticism for police inaction, Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said on Monday he suspended the Rafina police chief.

His ministry also said it removed the state-appointed bodyguards protecting all Golden Dawn lawmakers, saying it wanted to spare policemen the conflict of having to either protect the deputies or stopping them from illegal behavior.
It was the first time police protection had been revoked for lawmakers, police officials said. Armed bodyguards are among privileges enjoyed by all Greek lawmakers.

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