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In Chicago, Sicilia calls off drugs to market laws; as Chris Matthews says the word 'Chicago' is Racist!

the following post has been translated from Spanish to English.

CHICAGO, Illinois (ap). - 26th Street Mexican neighborhood is one of the liveliest in the city. Nothing strange in Mexico along several blocks decorated with tricolor flags. There is everything, restaurants, stalls, shops and bakeries.Today also missed the tragedy.
The victims of the drug war in Mexico and members of various organizations marched chanting "Alive they took them alive we want!"
The streets of this neighborhood are named Pillsen some national heroes in some corners, but also of new idols, like Los Tigres del Norte. Mexican otherness is the passage of time has gained ground in this city where crime was organized by Al Capone nearly a century ago.
At first glance the progress of the Caravan for Peace on the afternoon demanding to stop the violence seem foreign to this city, the birthplace of neoliberalism. But reality says otherwise.
On Sunday night, two were 28 wounded and 3 dead, according to official product of the violence caused by gangs who control parts of the city.
Violence is daily life in Chicago. In 1983, a gang of blacks shot and killed Rodolfo Lozano, 32, in La Villita (Little Village), Mexican neighborhood. His sister Emma, ​​pastor of the United Methodist Church, became a human rights activist since and was at his church where Elvira Arellano undocumented stayed a year with his son Saul, born in America, when they wanted to deport herself .
Emma was Latino activists who promoted the vote for Barack Obama in the last election. Now I doubt that U.S. President deported more than a million Hispanic and prisons are filled with them and African
"So it is important that we receive in a church African Americans to join in this Peace Caravan is not only fighting to stop the war in Mexico, but calls us to stop violence in the United States," loose pastor while accompanying the march of more than two hours from Javier Sicilia led the Mexican barrio to African American neighborhood.
It is the same violence that exists in both sides. Also the same demand. "We are a people without borders" chanted some young women who have no problem shouting in Spanish and English as they marched joke this afternoon, across the neighborhood 24, dominated by the African American community and with which he had to negotiate so that by their streets passed the Caravan of Peace.
Day meetings
Today was a day of marches and gatherings for Peace Caravan and poet Javier Sicilia.
In the morning, to participate in the mobilization against deportations in the Mexican community in this city, Sicilia called for the help of Latino organizations to stop the drug war in Mexico.
"We came looking for peace," the poet said, noting that part of the war on drugs is the criminalization of migrant Mexicans, Central Americans and blacks.
As we celebrate Labor Day, hundreds of migrants marched through the streets of Pillsen, which has focused much of the Mexican population.

According to MSNBCs’ Chris Matthews; Now Even The Word ‘Chicago’ Is Racist!

In our new media era where everything said, thought, or alluded to is “racist,” we can now add the word “Chicago” to that growing-by-the-minute list of words that are now to be considered racial slurs.
Thanks to MSNBC’s resident “biggest jerk in the room,” Chris Matthews, we now know that just saying Chicago makes you a racist. Because, you know, “there’s a lot of blacks in Chicago.”
This was Chris Matthews’ proclamation as he sought to analyze the current political climate.

That’s right. Now you too can be a racist anytime you mention the Windy City. Chris Matthews and his smirking, self-satisfied cast of racebaiters have decreed it.
Of course, as Rusty Weiss notes, there’s a lot of whites in Chicago, too. In fact, at 45 percent of the population, there are more whites than blacks (33 percent) in the city. So, how is it that saying “Chicago” isn’t alluding to whites?>>>MORE<<<

Here you can see murals appearing in the Chavo del Ocho, the Virgin of Guadalupe, Joan Sebastian and restaurants selling Michoacán style carnitas.
But he also feels the rejection of deportations and racial discrimination. Sicilia said he needed money for the war on drugs, but to rebuild the social fabric has broken down in recent years.
"Not for an intervention, this is an intervention and war is costing us a lot. Do not think that we come to claim them all, because Americans always say they come to claim them all. No, we claim as our government in Mexico, but here are serious responsibilities, and weapons are addicts, we must make a binational work, we have to work together, we are neighbors and we must find a path to peace, "he said Sicily in first gear on in the morning.
Later, at the National Museum of Mexican Art, during a meeting with other organizations that defend the rights of migrants, the poet said that Chicago is a city emblematic of what was the prohibition of alcohol.
"Not a chance we get to this place as well. Chicago is not only the birthplace of modern architecture, the sign of concrete and steel art domesticated by the Chicago School gave to the world, not just the place where many of our migrants found a place to live and earn an honest their bread. It is also the symbol of gangsterism and barbarism that alcohol prohibition brought to America in the twenties, and the sign of that strange race, shipwrecked and alone, that during that decade was also, like us today, a village killed him, "said Sicilia.
After recalling the declaration of war on the drug by Richard Nixon, now "the devil" drug has replaced "the demon of alcohol."
"What we have, as if the consequences of the prohibition of alcohol back to republish in a vast, is a demand for drugs that do not go away, barns used to distribute and clandestine factories that produce quality without control or destroying their consumers, increased theft, crime, extortion, corruption of thousands of officials and police, illegal accumulations of capital as they have never dreamed of big corporations, prisons and correctional packed, bands and governments that are tearing each other for control territories, endless violence, gangsterism and multiplication of barbarism, and the rapid reduction of the human community and culture to a race like that today represent us, strange and lonely castaway, "said Sicilia.
With this story, the leader of the peace movement sought help to stop the horror of the war on drugs.
"So from here, from the streets, who lived 90 years ago so emblematic terror, horror and barbarity of the violence that hit the United States with alcohol prohibition, under these skyscrapers, symbols of modernity and reprinted millennia of human culture, we ask the citizens of the United States and the government of Barak Obama to remember President Franklin D. Roosevelt and, like him, in a gesture of defending democracy and its freedoms, decree, along with the Mexican government and the governments of the world, the end of the war on drugs and the subject, as Roosevelt once did with alcohol, to the iron laws of the market and state controls.
"So that together act to prevent destruction weapons irresponsibly and illegally circulate, so that together we put a stop to the banks that launder money and can reduce the real crime: corruption, human trafficking, extortion, so that seek together in compassion and comfort the suffering people justice for victims, and we embrace ourselves as migrants, displaced, harassed by the suffering of war and misery, to orphans, to widows and we lost our children in this absurd war, to finally being-as in the poem by Emily Dickinson-no need to re-hear the ringing Funeral heaven for this barbaric human race that has become strange and lonely castaway. "


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