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Is The Islamization Of Tampa Near? Don’t Fear; The Police Are Being Trained.

The Florida Family Association has been at the forefront of warning the Tampa, Florida area of the impending “Islamization” of the area, claiming that the city is not far behind that of Dearborn, Michigan.
Recently, they exposed the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) efforts to bar a training law enforcement officer, Sam Kharoba, because as they stated in a letter,
“He (Kharoba) encourages law enforcement officers to view Muslims with distrust. His training materials encourage law enforcement officers to profile and target Muslims.”
Well good for Mr. Kharoba. He isn’t being politically correct. The only people we’ve seen really with terrorist tendencies are Muslims, particularly young Muslim men. To not profile them is to be utterly irresponsible.
The president of FFA, David Caton, claims that there is a reason that that this radical Islamic group has taken up residence in Tampa.
“Tampa has a very large population of Muslims,” he said. “We’ve had numerous public officials embrace various political aspects of Islamist extremism and changes of policy that trend more toward sharia. Tampa is at risk; it’s one of the top five cities at risk.”
“Dearborn is almost lost because 50 percent of their population is Arabic-Muslim,” he continues. “They can elect and dominate the government there. But we have a smaller population [of Muslims] in Tampa than Dearborn,Read more: 

How We Train Our Cops to Fear Islam
There aren’t nearly enough counterterrorism experts to instruct all of America’s police.  So we got these guys instead.
 n a bright January morning in 2010, at Broward College in Davie, Florida, about sixty police officers and other frontline law enforcement officials gathered in a lecture hall for a course on combating terrorism in the Sunshine State. Some in plain clothes, others in uniform, they drifted in clutching Styrofoam cups of coffee, greeting acquaintances from previous statewide training sessions. The instructor, Sam Kharoba, an olive-skinned man wearing rimless glasses and an ill-fitting white dress shirt, stood apart at the front of the hall reviewing PowerPoint slides on his laptop.

Activists call on Florida Department of Law Enforcement to ditch anti-Muslim training contractor

Thirty Muslim groups are asking the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to sever ties with one of their counter-terrorism trainers. Hassan Shibly, director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, said Sam Kharoba teaches law enforcement officers to unfairly stereotype Muslims.
“Kharoba claims radicals can be identified by ten to twelve physical markers such as headbands, types of facial hair or a prayer bump on the forehead from frequent contact with a prayer mat. One of our clients, they said the officer was investigating which hand he wore his watch on because according to Kharoba, this officer in Hillsborough County was trained that if a Muslim wears his watch on his right hand he must be an extremist. It’s completely nonsensical.”
According to CAIR, Kharoba is an independent contractor who has been hired by the Florida Department of Law Enforcementat least 21 times since 2005. He wrote a book called “A Law Enforcement Guide to Understanding Islamist Terrorism” and uses it in his teachings.


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