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“Regional Equity”—Obama’s Coming War On Whitopias

America’s Booming White Enclaves

By RANDY JAMES Monday, Oct. 12, 2009
You say that many Whitopias offer a high quality of life and tend to perform well on those “Best Places to Live” lists that run in magazines. Do you think people are also drawn to these places specifically for their whiteness?
The major draw to Whitopia is that they’re safe communities with good public schools and beautiful natural resources. Those qualities are subconsciously inseparable from race in many Americans’ minds. For some people, race is a major role, and they said so to my face, but most of the Whitopians I encountered aren’t intentionally practicing racial discrimination or self-segregation.
You say Whitopias can form even in the middle of diverse cities. How is that possible?
People don’t realize that diversity isn’t the same as integration. Blacks and whites in New York, where I live, are as segregated today as in 1910 [based on a sociologists' segregation index that measures how much contact people of differing races have with one another.]
What is the danger Whitopias pose to America as a whole?
You can call me old-fashioned, but I’m an integrationist. A democracy can’t function at its optimum unless all members are integrated as full members.
A community full of like-minded people tends to enforce their own view of the world and close off opposing viewpoints. You can go to parties in New York City where the liberal smugness is intolerable because they’re only hearing liberal viewpoints. On the Whitopian conservative side, it’s spinning out of control. Look at the tea-bagger movement, where people are concerned their taxes are going to be wasted on minorities and illegal immigrants. Same with the movement that says [President] Obama is not a citizen.
Americans can be forgiven for not being familiar with Regional Equity. I had not heard the term myself until just a few weeks ago, when I caught Stanley Kurtz on the radio talking about his new book:Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities.
The essence of Regional Equity is the use of centralized political power make things equal over regions—disregarding jurisdictions.
President Obama is very much on board with the Regional Equity movement. The White House website  says:
“President Obama will also take a regional approach that disregards traditional jurisdictional boundaries [my emphasis—JM], setting policy that takes into account how cities, suburbs, and exurbs interact. President Obama’s urban policy agenda will use this integrated approach to enhance economic competitiveness, sustainability, and equity in our cities and metropolitan areas.”
Furthermore, PolicyLink (a pro-minority think tank run by a woman graduate of Howard university who describes herself as “national leader for social justice and equity”)  states:
Under the Obama administration, a framework of regional equity has been a driving force behind the larger federal partnership for Sustainable Communities made up of HUD, the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The partnership has now issued a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for a new Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program (SCRPG) that will formalize as federal policy the very strategies that equity advocates have been seeking to advance at the community level for years. [The Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Guide | How to Link Equity to Each Rating FactorPDF]
In the past, secession could work—boundaries meant independence from the predatory desires of larger neighbors hungry for the resources and lifestyles of more prosperous suburbs.      See source for more

thank you WolfHound14

This scheme is not being mulled over, it is being implemented right now.
All the beer bellied, head-in-the-sand, football watching zombies are going to find out soon that a literal dark nightmare is knocking on their front door. We have to stop this insanity before it gets out of hand then push it and the people behind it back into the sewers.
This new game of theirs is being implemented in all sorts of places all around the country. Usually it takes either a few jews or their minions worming their way onto city councils or bribes to corrupt officials to incorporate “low cost housing” into their communities(always far from them, of course).
The Feds use money as a carrot on a stick to get the fence sitters to go along with this by either promising generous “federal stimulus” moneys to go their way if they adopt these suicidal plans, or they get their jew crew from the DOJ to force it.
Start looking for this new scheme as it is implemented far and wide and let as many people know about it before it is too late.

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