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Why do they always say ‘Ignorance breeds racism’? When it has to do with African’s?

Seemingly ignorant of what constitutes racism or discrimination, some Koreans utter racist remarks or engage in racist behavior. Apparently, they don’t realize what they are ignorant about and this ignorance becomes the seed of their racism.
Not only ignorance but a lack of anti-racism laws is emerging as a major stumbling block to preventing the nation from becoming a truly multicultural society.
In July 2009, Bonojit Hussain, an Indian professor who used to work here, accused a Korean of humiliating him by hurling abusive and racist words such as “dirty” and “pitch-black foreigner” on a bus.
The stare
The case most habitually cited by foreigners is being stared at by Koreans on streets, subways and other public places.
“Korean people tend to stare at those who look different from them,” says Mohamad Aimien bin Mohamad Ali, 23, a Malaysian who graduated in chemical engineering from Sungkyunkwan University last month.
Hostility toward difference
Discrimination against black people is not uncommon here, with African-American teachers shunned by Korean parents at schools or “hagwon” (private language institutes).
Kenyan Ambassador to Korea Ngovi Kitau, 52, ran a business in Mumbai, India before he came to Seoul. He also senses racism here.
“Some Koreans are afraid of approaching foreigners not only Africans but also Europeans,” Kitau said, adding that young Koreans should visit not only the United States but other countries to be confident in relationships with people from all over the world.
“The antagonism against foreigners in Nairobi is smaller than Korea, I think. Many Indians and Europeans are managing businesses in Kenya, Kenyans learn the attitude of how to move together, supporting economic activities. So, we have to respect each other regardless of the color of our skins,” he said.
He says that mutual understanding will help remove discriminatory views against those from developing nations.
“Likewise being good to Americans, Koreans should (develop) more relationships with the people from various nations. Learning about other cultures will be an opportunity. I am sure Koreans (have) a potential to (embrace) various other cultures based on Koreans’ hospitality to others,” Kitau said.
Many Caucasians say they have to endure dirty looks from Korean men, especially those from older generations, when they go out with Korean girls.  More at source

Influx of Chinese immigrants invades Africa driving locals out of business

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — An emerging influx of Chinese immigrants with expired visas is overwhelming economies in Africa. Rather than renew their visas, the Chinese remain in African countries illegally and conduct business as vendors, with cheap goods at give-away prices that local traders cannot compete with.
Because they have access to dirt-cheap goods at dirt-cheap prices, the Chinese can easily drive their competitors out of business, since most of them operate illegally and do not have to pay taxes and other membership fees that the local indigenous Africans incur. It affords them to easily break profits, while keeping their prices low to attract a large customer base.
The reason this is happening is because the rulers of these African countries are allowing it to happen, in fact, they want it to happen. The government of China is aware that its citizens are migrating to Africa, but China also extends huge loans to these African countries. Because African rulers receive these monies from the Chinese government, they turn a blind eye to illegal immigrants, because they really do not care about keeping their nations sovereign — they are more concerned about eroding the borders of their countries in order to dilute the local cultures.


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