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Everyone Should Know About This, and If You Still Haven't Heard Of It....Open Your Eyes and Minds.

My heart, thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the Christian and Newsom families as they have since I first heard about this, a few months after this took place . You should not have to relive hearing, seeing the animals that took your beautiful children again. Over a pill popping judge, his criminal floozie dealer he was doing and some other alleged secret evidence.
If A Jury Of Their Peers Found Them Guilty, Who Cares About The Judge! Guilt is Guilt!!!

George Korda: Talking to the Christians about their nightmare come to life

Speaking with Gary and Deena Christian about “that subject” is a hard thing to do.
It’s not that they’re difficult to talk to. It’s the topic, the 2007 murder of their daughter, Channon.
Unless you’re completely without newspapers, radio, television, the internet, and interaction with other human beings, you’ve heard of the murders of Channon, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23.

The two were carjacked in Knoxville on Jan. 6, 2007. The mind struggles to imagine – to believe – that what was subsequently done to Channon and Christopher is possible for human beings to do to other human beings. Christopher’s mutilated, violated, burned and gunshot-riddled body was found near some railroad tracks.
Channon, after enduring things that even in our dark places we don’t want to think about, was stuffed inside a garbage bag, then a trashcan, where she suffocated. (If you’d like to research further the suffering of Channon and Christopher, please look elsewhere as they will not be recounted here).

Gary and Deena were guests Sept. 30 on my WNOX-FM Sunday afternoon radio show.
Many questions were possible, but for several seconds I looked at them in silence. That’s not a good thing. It means listeners aren’t hearing voices, which isn’t the point of a radio show.
Nevertheless, I was about to ask them of their daughter and her life as the battle continues of potential new trials for the persons convicted of involvement in Channon’s murder.
I finally mentioned aloud my concerns at asking things that might be hurtful.
“You can’t hurt us,” Gary said, adding that what they’d been through – including sitting through the first round of trials, during which they’d repeatedly seen their daughter’s autopsy photos – had squeezed out of them concerns for their personal feelings.
They spoke of their frustrations – and anger – at a justice system and a judge, Jon Kerry Blackwood, who has ordered new trials for four persons convicted for various crimes in what has become known as the Christian-Newsom murders.  Read more


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