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Mugabe says dont trust white people

HARARE - While he looked forward to a “God-given victory” in elections next year, President Robert Mugabe revelled the win by Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.
“Zanu PF shares their victory. It is our victory too and one against imperialism. He defeated the false hopes of imperialism against a hugely popular Bolivarian revolution.
“The machinations of the United States were there for all to see in the form of internal structures (opposition) with the intention of fighting Chavez from within. The people of Venezuela won,” Mugabe said.
He said Chavez is “a great friend of ours.”
“Leader (Chavez) is a great friend of ours and their victory is our victory. Any gain of revolutionary forces the world over is a giant stride and gain for the masses,” said Mugabe.
Mugabe once again took time to lament the demise of  Muammar Gaddafi who was toppled by his people last year, blaming his late ally for playing with carnivores.
“A lion eats flesh and you can never trust it with your sheep no matter how passive that lion is. Trust white people at your own peril,” Mugabe said.
“South Africa still has remnants of apartheid who still pass judgment in favour of whites. We cannot part with this soil. We are made from it and we will die here. If some people think their fortunes lie elsewhere, they can go there,” he said.

Talking Baboons, Presidential Insults and More Presidential Candidates – A week in Zimbabwe

A “Delegation of Baboons”
The week started with a fascinating story carried by the state weekly, The Sunday Mail of a meeting between a spirit medium, who bears the name Sekuru Katombo Kanyai and a “delegation of baboons”. The brave medium also had a meeting with a pride of lions, we are told. Weeks before, the same Sekuru Katombo Kanyai had been “visited” by a pangolin. And then a Fish Eagle, apparently a mysterious bird, had landed at Sekuru Katombo Kanyai’s homestead. And Sekuru Katombo Kanyai had also talked to a snake.
Clearly, Sekuru Katombo Kanyai is highly favoured and must be a man of great powers – his ability to talk to these wild creatures is unparalleled. The last time we heard animals talking was in fairy tales or in Hollywood movies. But no; right there in Zimbabwe is a man who even managed to have a “tete-a-tete” with a delegation of baboons, according to The Sunday Mail (The last time we checked the dictionary a “tete-a-tete” was a private conversation between two persons – clearly the Sunday Mail has a different definition).
Mbuya Nehanda, therevered spirit medium credited with inspiring the rebellion against the settlers in the 1890s and later sentenced to death and an enduring symbol of resistance and nationalism,

White man to challenge Mugabe for presidency

A NEW political party led by a white Zimbabwean has been formed, The ZimDiaspora can reveal.
Mark Baard
The party is called the Zimbabwe Republican Front (ZRF) and its leader is a white Zimbabwean, Mark Baard (pictured). If Mr Baard wins the elections he will be the first white leader in post-colonial Zimbabwe after Ian Smith who was Rhodesian Prime Minister which then became Zimbabwe.
There are chances that Mr Baard might pull a surprise following the incompetence that has been displayed by a black man, particularly President Mugabe.

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