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Which is the lesser evil of the Two? Federal Reserve or the Trilateral Commission

April 23rd 1995 the Trilateral Commission met in Copenhagen, compare the article of Jakob Andersen in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet:
Private Top Meeting
“The Trilateral Commission is something between a ‘tank of thinking’ and a club of discussion”, Jakob Andersen wrote. Frequently it holds seminars and produces reports about subjects like ‘How We Preserve The Peace In A World After The Cold War’”, Jakob Andersen wrote.
“Between the meetings the members try to influence their own govern-ments, the economic life and other to do, as the commission wishes”, Jakob Andersen wrote.
“The Trilateral Commission is attacked by both right-wing-extremists and left-wing-extremists. It is accused of among other things establishing a government of the world”, Jakob Andersen wrote.
“The commission stands behind the international trade with narcotics, following the half-fascist American politician Lyndon LaRouche”, Jakob Andersen wrote.

Trilaterals triangulating in Pakistan

In a one-on-one meeting with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in Lahore in August 1976, Henry Kissinger, then U.S. secretary of state, threatened the Pakistani prime minister, who was pressing ahead to acquire nuclear technology for his country despite U.S. opposition, saying, “We will destabilize your government and make a horrible example out of you.”

Crisis of Democracy Trilateral Commission 227 page  pdf from 1975

Within six months there were massive riots in Pakistan and Bhutto was removed from office, arrested, tried on trumped-up charges, and finally hanged in 1979 by General Zia ul-Haq, a military ruler supported by the United States for more than a decade. 
The United States is basically run by a small clique of wealthy families who own and control the Federal Reserve System, and the Trilateral Commission is their policy think tank.
The Trilateral Commission was established in 1973 by David Rockefeller as a private organization with the goal of promoting cooperation between the United States, Europe, and Japan.
Rockefeller was inspired to forge this trilateral alliance after reading Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book Between Two Ages.   123 page pdf from 1970

1. The Third American Revolution  (page 78 of Between Two Ages)
It is easy to pinpoint the French and the Mexican revolutions, or the Bolshevik, the Chinese, and the Cuban revolutions. It is also not difficult to identify the first American revolution. From a colony that revolution created a nation; implicit though strongly felt beliefs gave birth to a Declaration of Independence and a Constitution, both of which articulated novel principles of political and social order.

Historical definition becomes more complex when dealing with the second American revolution.  Precisely when did it happen and what did it do? Though that revolution cannot be pinpointed with the same accuracy as the first, it is a fact that an essentially rural, partially aristocratic, and even slave ­owning society with a limited representative political system was transformed into an urban­ industrial nation whose relative legal­ 
political­social equality extended—at least in form—to almost 90 per cent of its people and whose public ethos was dominated largely by widespread acceptance of social welfare, effected through governmental intervention.
Thus, it too was a real revolution, though not as contained in time as the first.

It took the Civil War, the industrialization of the country, the massive influx of immigrants, and, finally, the New Deal to transform American society. To call it a revolution is admittedly to stretch the definition of revolution, but there is no doubt that both the institutions and the values of the United States were thereby profoundly altered in a little over a century.

The third American revolution is even harder to define, for we are now in the middle of it and thus cannot be certain of its outcome. In one respect, however, it is easier to identify than the second, for its impact and its effect are more concentrated in time. The third revolution began gathering momentum after World War II, with the massive entrance into colleges of ex­GIs; with the concomitant explosion in higher learning and the growing acceptance of the social primacy of education; with the union of national power and modern science crowned by the harnessing of nuclear energy and the federal government emerging as a major sponsor of scientific investigation; with the sudden birth of rapid continental communications, ranging from the world’s most modern and developed highway system, through rapid air passenger transport, to a uniquely effective instant transcontinental telephone system, and finally to a nation­wide television intimacy; with the transformation in managerial techniques wrought by the appearance of computers and other electronic devices that conquer complexity, distance, and even the diffusion of authority; and with the fading of industry as themost important source of employment for most Americans. Prompted by technology and particularly electronics, the third revolution is changing the basic institutions and values of American society and, as was also the case with the preceding revolutions, it is encountering resistance, stimulating violence, causing anxiety, and stirring hope.


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