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Denver International Airport holds some deep dark secrets

The Denver International Airport is a strange conglomeration of anomalies and underground tunnels. One of the first sign that there’s something strange afoot a DIA is the system of grotesque murals and sculptures situated around the airport that contain images of depressing content like dead children, women carrying dead babies, the destruction of cities and forests, poisonous plants, dead animals and oppressive soldiers, all depicting scenes of negative portent with ominous tones. According to symbologists, many of these works of “art” and gargoyles are comprised of Masonic imagery and symbols of secret societies that supposedly trigger certain kinds of thoughts and emotions.

Then there’s the dedication capstone with Masonic symbols and endorsed by the New World Airport Authority, and organization that can’t be contacted and doesn’t seem to exist, but carries the moniker of the “New World,” which is very close to the New World Order, the pinnacle of world domination ideology.  MORE

UN aims for biodiversity treaty by July 2012

A global treaty on the harvesting of genetic resources will probably be ratified by July 2012, the UN executive secretary on biological diversity said Tuesday.
Urban biodiversity is the variety and richness of living organisms (including genetic variation) and habitat diversity found in and on th e edge of human settlements. This biodiversity ranges from the rural fringe to the urban core. At the landscape and
habitat level it includes:
? Remnants of natural landscapes (e.g. leftovers of primeval forests).
? Traditional agricultural landscapes (e.g. meadows, areas of arable land).
? Urban–industrial landscapes (e.g. city centers, residential areas, industrial parks, railway areas, formal parks and gardens,
Diversity of plants and animals in the urban landscape shows some interesting patterns:
  1.  The number of plant species in urban areas often correlates with human population size—more so than it does with the size of the city area. 
  2. The age of the city affects species richness; large, older cities have more plant species than large, younger cities. 
  3. Diversity may correlate with economic wealth. For example, in Phoenix, USA, plant and bird diversity in urban neighborhoods and parks shows a significant positive correlation with median family income.
  4. Twenty percent of the world’s bird species and 5 percent of the vascular plant species occur in cities.
  5. On average, 70 percent of the plant species and 94 percent of the bird species found in urban areas are native to the surrounding region.


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