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The Holy See helped financially to fight Nazism


As reported in The Reason Darius Minor, Pius XII and the Holy See actively opposed Nazism during World War investing huge sums of money in U.S. companies that manufactured weapons and equipment for the Army ally. They did from U.S. soil since the beginning of the conflict transferred part of the financial reserves of the Church from the territories controlled by Hitler's Germany to the United States. The Washington government supported these movements, as shown by the fact that they were exempt from the restrictions provided for operations coming from enemy countries.

Darius Minor / The Reason ) deposited in U.S. banks like JP Morgan and National City Bank of New York (now Citibank), money, securities and gold reserves were used to help churches in the countries occupied by the Nazis and to fund humanitarian activities in favor of the Allies and of the European population. The money from the Holy See was also used to buy U.S. government debt and to invest in companies like Rolls Royce, United Steel Corporation, Dow Chemical, Westinghouse Electric, Union Carbide and General Electric, whose factories were supplied in the allied army to end Hitler's madness . There Vatican funds were also committed to Barclays.
This information was found in documents of the British secret services covering the period 1941-1943 by Patricia M. McGoldrick, Middlesex University, London, who has published an article about it in the December issue of the quarterly magazine of the University of Cambridge "The Historical Journal." His article, entitled "New Perspectives on Pius XII and the Vatican financial transactions during the Second World War ', uses the documents in the National Archives that relate to the activities of two agencies of the Holy See : the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) and Section extraordinary for the administration of the property of the Holy See (Asss). "L'Osservatore Romano" McGoldrick reports the article in today's edition.


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