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Let’s Be Honest Louis Beam October, 1996

Let’s be honest: I don’t know many Blacks. But the ones I do know, I like. Good people who work hard and love their families and their fellow man. Different from me, but then, I am different from them. This does not stop us from respecting each other—in fact, our differences increase our respect for each other, for though we are very different, we care for many of the same things. I see them as just nice people.
 It’s the people I don’t know, don’t want to know, and would never get near that I don’t like. I absolutely despise—and yes, let’s be honest—I hate them. They stink, they are without morals, character, or honesty. Evil to the core, they take advantage of others and live by ripping off their fellow man. Without scruples, conniving, heartless, and cold-blooded, murdering manipulators who seek to destroy their fellow man. One other thing: I am talking about Whites here. I am talking about White politicians, multi-national financiers, political hacks, news media prostitutes, leaders of the military-industrial complex and the police state enforcers who gladly kick in the doors of innocent people they wish to destroy, without regard to race, creed or color.
Let’s be honest: You thought I meant Blacks. Why? I will tell you why! Because you are a bigot! You’re totally intolerant of me, my religion, and my quest for truth in this life. You are so prejudiced that you could not read to the end of the paragraph to draw your conclusion. You assumed that people I don’t like are naturally Black. Your intolerance for those assumed to hold different value systems than yours is so great, so mentally debilitating, so handicapping to your thought process that you convicted me without trial, jury, or reading one complete paragraph.
One other thing—you have been manipulated by the above White opinion molders. You are a victim just as surely as the woman who is dragged off the street and abused by her kidnappers. Your mind has been raped by vulgar men who want to control you. They have impregnated you with lies, deceit, and false information. You carry the seeds of your own self-destruction within your mind. And most of those who spawned this mental child of hell which interferes with your thinking…are White! Be honest. How many of your opinions were formed by Blacks? Think about it. None, or almost none. It’s the bad people I describe above who control you. They control your nation, your bank account, your employment, your personal safety, and your mind. Now the good news, I forgive you. I forgive you—if—you will start thinking for yourself. We can even be friends…
Let’s be honest: I was once like you. I was intolerant of those different than myself. It interfered with my judgment, my reasoning, and my ability to address the real issues faced by mankind. White mankind, Black mankind, all mankind. I had the strength, ability, desire, and courage to free myself from the chains of mental servitude. Do you?  MORE    thank you Fredo who sent me this 2009

For more than three decades, Louis Beam has been on a crusade against a government he views as tyrannical and controlled by Jewish conspirators. Beam first became active on the far right as a paramilitary Klansman, later as a neo-Nazi with Identity ties. In each incarnation he has been a powerful voice of anti-government hatred and white supremacy, one of the most influential and incendiary figures on the far right. Generally considered the first important proponent of the “lone wolf” or “leaderless resistance” model of activism, Beam has encouraged anti-government and racist terrorism by means of small underground cells that cohere through ideology rather than formal organizations. Once considered Richard Butler’s likely successor at Aryan Nations, Beam was passed over in the mid-1990s. During the past five years, he has significantly lowered his public profile and has limited his activity primarily to postings on his Web site. more


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