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Brainwashed Into Slavery – Kenneth Goff (1940)

 Steven J. Frenda
 University of California, Irvine ~ Department of Psychology and Social Behavior
 Eric D. Knowles
 New York University ~ Department of Psychology
 William Saletan
 The Slate Group ~ Washington, D.C
 Elizabeth Loftus
 University of California, Irvine ~ Department of Psychology and Social Behavior
 University of California, Irvine ~ School of Law.

   EDITORIAL NOTE From May 2, 1936, to October 10, 1939, I was a dues-paying mnem- Ler of the Communist Party, operating under my own name Ken- neth Goff, and also the alias John Keats . In 1939, I voluntarily ap- peared before the Un,American Activities Committee in Washing- tin, D. C ., which was chairmaned at that time by Martin Dies, andmy testimony can be found in Volume 9 of that year’s CongressionalReport . During the period that I was a member of the Communist Party, Iattended their school which was located at 113 E. Wells St ., Mil- waukee, Wisconsin, and operated under the name Eugene Debs La-bor School. Here we were trained in all phases of warfare, bothpsychological and physical, for the destruction of the Capitalistic society and Christian civilization .
In one portion of our studies wewent thoroughly into the matter of psychopolitics. This was the artof capturing the minds of a nation through brainwashing and fakemental health-the subjecting of whole nations of people to the ruleof the Kremlin by the capturing of their minds . We were taught that the degradation of the populace is less inhuman than their . destruction by bombs, for to an animal who lives only once any lifeis sweeter than death. The end of a war is the control of a con-quered people. If a people can be conquered in the absence of warthe end of the war will have been achieved without the destructions of war . During the past few years I have noted with horror the increaseof psychopolitical warfare upon the American public . First in the brainwashing of our boys in Korea, and then in the well-financeddrive of mental health propaganda by left-wing pressure groups,wherein many of our states have passed Bills which can well beused by the enemies of America to subject to torture and imprison-ment those who preach the gospel of our Lord and Saviour JesusChrist, and who oppose the menace of Communism. A clear exampleof this can be seen in the Lucille Miller case.
In this warfare theCommunists have definitely stated: “You, must recruit every agency of the nation marked for slaughter into a foaming hatred of religioushealing .” Another example of the warfare that is being waged can be seenin the attempt to establish a mental Siberia in Alaska, which was called for in the, Alaskan Mental Health Bill. A careful study of thisBill will make you see at once that the land set aside under the allot-ment could not be for that small ‘territory, “and the Bill within itselfestablishes such authority that it could be turned into a prison campunder the guise of mental health for everyone who raises their voice against Communism and the hidden government operating in our nation .
The legislation in its original form was sponsored by the Democratic Party, but after it ran into opposition it was eventually rescued by the conservative Republican Senator Barry Goldwater. Under Goldwater’s sponsorship, a version of the legislation without the commitment provisions that were the target of intense opposition from a variety of far-right, anti-Communist and fringe religious groups was passed by the United States Senate.[2] The controversy still plays a prominent role in the Church of Scientology’s account of its campaign against psychiatry.

This book was used in underground schools, and contains the ad-dress of Beria to -the American students in the Lenin University prior to 1936 . The text in the book in general is from the Commu-nist Manual of Instructions of Psychopolitical Warfare, and was used in America for the training of Communist cadre . The only re- vision in this book is the summary, which was added by the Com-munists after the atomic bomb came into being . In its contents youcan see the diabolical plot of the enemies of Christ and America, as they seek to conquer our nation by subjecting the minds of our peo- ple to their will by various sinister means . This manual of the Communist Party should be in the hands of every loyal American, that they may be alerted to the fact that it is not always by armies and guns that a nation is conquered .

edited and added Brainwashed Into Slavery, My Apologies go out to everyone I was reasearching and reading quite a bit last night and must have gotten the two confused. Although both pdfs are worth reading. Shera 1:58 pm


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