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1914 Germany Afrikaner farmer Agreement

thank you Etienne 
 translated from Afrikaner to English
To all the people of the white race all over the world, most of all to the German nation:
This is an important agreement Concerning the South African Boer people and the German nation. It has to do with an agreement between the Boer rebellion and the German troops in Southwest Africa.
The Boer rebellion were lead by leaders of the Afrikaaner nation (General Manie Maritz, General SG Maritz, General Koss Delarey) and who’ll be fought against the English in the Second Anglo-Boer war from 1899 to 1902, where the Afrikaaner nation under hun president In Paul Kruger ulcers completely humiliated by the English when ze ulcers forced to sign the Treaty of Vereeniging in 1902.
The atrocities committed against the Boers in the Concentration camps ulcers horriffic to say the least, and at least 30 000 Boer women and Children Were driven from hun farms Which Were torched under Lord Kitchener’s Scorched Earth policies. The attached files are an image of the original agreements drawn up by the Boer Rebels and the German officials of German Southwest Africa (english version below), as well as an important copy of the book ‘Voice of a Prophet has written about an important clairevoyant (hurt), called Nicolaas van Rensburg, who had Received the gift of prophecy, and loveable to make astonishing Predictions about the future of the Afikaaner Boer nation in South Africa:
In the point is that the agreement was made between the Germans and the Boer rebellion since the Boer rebellion in 1914 did not want to wage war against the German nation, unlike the leaders of the South African Union, Jan Smuts and Louis Botha, who had decided to side with the English against Germany, ihb German South West Africa, and in diong so had effectively stabbed the Germans in the back.
The significance of the agreements made in 1914, is dat the German nation will bieden In the Afrikaaner Boers in any future conflict That nov punctures, and That are the Boer nation of South Africa would do everything in their power to assist Germany in the future in regaining sovereignty over the territory Known today as Namibia, or South West Africa.
The onus was on the goverment of South Africa in 1990 to approach Germany and give them the option of having Southwest Africa Placed under hun control again, but Germany was completely ignored about this, and up to this day there is bitter resentment on the side of the German nation Regarding Southwest Africa.
It is however now dat the Afikaaner nation, as descendants of the Rebels and who Remain true to the future survival of the German and Afikaaner nations, needs the support of the Germans here in South West Africa and in South Africa, since there is a revolution brewing here in Which the communists together with the English are setting the stage for the final extermination of the Afrikaaner farmer, the time is very, very close and this is why this message must at all costs be perserved. In this message is to be forwarded to any right wing group of the German nation as well as the 1914 Agreements, Which are no doubt still located somewhere in Germany.
There has leg a very large Escalation in the murder rate of the white farmers, since 1994, over 3,000 white farmers and Boers (Men, women and children), have been cold-bloodedly murdered in South Africa by mainly racist black elements, and the situation with the crime rate is even dimmer.There have bone countless Occasions where there have been Heated confrontations between white and black people, where the blacks always say something along the lines of: “Wait until Mandela dies, then we will kill the whites like flies”. The plan is to observe Nelson Mandela lie in state in Church Square, Pretoria for 7 days, then on the 8th day he will be buried in Heroes Acre next to the union buildings in Pretoria. That very co night black Terrorists will launch what is known to the “Uhuru”, “Operation white clean-up”, in which ze will attempt to completely wipe out (murder) all the white people in South Africa. The Seer van Rensburg prophet had a vision of this, as well as another prophet called Johanna Brandt, who’ll be presenting in the Concentration camps or 1899 – 1902, I include both Predictions:
The country will be thrown into chaos under his rule. However, it is only after the violent death of a black leader, and a massive strike cripples the country, that real trouble starts.

This black leader will lie in state on Church Square in Pretoria, while people flock there in their Thousands to pay their last respects: “The body of the king (black leader) Placed in a glass coffin and he groin statements on Church Square, Pretoria for seven days. Mourners cameramen from all over the world to pay Homage to this king (of the rainbow nation). Nobody worked for seven days, for people moved past the coffin day and night, fell on it and wept bitterly, and could not be consoled for seven days. “On the eighth day he was buried in Heroes’ Acre.” (A special plot in the old cemetery in Church Street, Pretoria, reserved for statesmen).

Thus what the old prophet, the Seer of Rensburg, said cameramen true: “I see a coffin being lowered into a grave. Fires emerge, but one great fire emerging in front. Naked people appear. “This tells of violence and civil war which will erupt with the burial of the (black) king. Then the Boer nation will ook stand naked, stripped of everything and experience dreadful oppression …

This vision concurs with the bloody funeral he saw on 4th April 1915.

Chaos and Decline are visible everywhere; the cold-Blooded Murders of whites escalate by the day and our pension schemes are being plundered.In a vision on 26th December 1921, the Seer saw a fatal stomach disease break out in the Johannesburg area. The Disruption this would cause even Greater violence: “There is a round tank in the east and fire falls out of it.”

It is at this time the Seer saw the red pickaxe In going over us-a time when the nation will still be very Divided and dissension at its worst. But then he SEES the man in the brown suit rise very unexpectedly to gather the nation together and take matters in hand by means of a coup d’état. The first large-scale violenceerupts and the Witwatersrand (Gauteng) in particular feels the Brunt In or black violence and bloodshed in that area will also be unexpected.>

Monica Stone

  For many years prior to the settlement by Jan Van Riebeeck on April 6, 1652 ships sailed around the most southern part of Africa. The name given by the Portuguese to the tip known today as Cape Town, was Cabo de Esperanza, Cape of Good Hope. Of course the Cape was also called “Cape of Storms”.  It was the hope and supplier to the ships landing there for fruit, vegetables and fresh meat. It also served as a halfway station where the first “post office” in Africa was established. Letters were left in this tree for other ships to collect or leave. There is a monument now where the “post office” used to be.
  The Dutch settled in the Cape Town area and moved inland to establish cultivated farms to supply the passing ships with provisions.
  The Cape of Good Hope gave refuge to so many who had to fleeEurope for religious reasons and for survival. The French Huguenots settled in the area of Franshoek (French corner), other cities/towns were established by the Huguenots. The Germans came after a terrible famine in the 1830’s and settled in the Eastern Cape where we find so many cities and towns named after the cities and towns they left behind.

Johanna Brandt’s vision (in english, im busy with the english translation)
Another time she has a short, deep sleep wake up and still was the messenger (angel) at her bedside. There was this time a new warning.

“Wake up!” He exclaimed. “Wake up, because time is short and I have a vision for your eyes open! Look! Behold, the near future of South Africa! Be strong and do not waver, gather all your strength, because I ask you to look at the horrific scene just to torment you, but you prepare for the task that will be imposed. “

The Messenger Joan a vreesike scene show the horrors and the evil that is in the future waiting for her beloved country and people. It was such a terrible image that she cried in fear and feared the sight of it made her faint. With frightened eyes, she sat up in bed and she felt the dead know over her face.

“Savings! Savings! South Africa! “She terrified cry.” What do you see?! “The angel asked. Johanna told himself: I saw a beautiful country plagued by a raging hurricane. The strangest for me was the suddenness of the storm. It was so scary that even the earth seemed to roar and shake while the lightning strokes and the thunder of relentless elements of black clouds rent, and a torrent of fire and hail on the earth neergeslinger. Everywhere there was blood and destruction that threatened to every living thing from the face of the earth, sweeping away. I saw human forms like leaves before the wind and scattered to all parts of the country are being followed.

Compare the prophetic statement in the Bible: Isaiah 29:5 – But the multitude of thy strangers shall be like small dust, and the multitude of the terrible ones shall be as chaff that passeth away; and it will happen very suddenly.

Verse 6: For the LORD of hosts you will be visited with thunder and earthquake and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire. It was a frightening scene that my mind to this day still worry. But that was not all. The storm of despair that South Africa is threatened with extinction, it seemed the entire length and breadth of the earth rages. It also seemed that the darkness of a 
terrible night pounced on humans and animals and many souls really, just as the angel said, prayed for the dead they had to deliver – but to no avail.Johanna has further expanded on what she saw in that terrible vision: The outbreak of the storm was strange and completely unexpected. It was a terrifying 
eruption of unprecedented anger! And having South Africa destroyed it again just as suddenly subside. But it was short-lived despite the overwhelming severity of …

Someone quietly entered her room and laid a cool hand on her sweaty forehead. She was eager to talk to the Messenger.

“Let me alone to sleep” she whispered.

The person left the room quietly. Johanna turned to the Messenger. There was only one thought in her. With all the love she had for her people and her country, she once again begged: “Saving South Africa!”

The angel looked at her and said: “Fear not, thou, onbevreesde! Do you really think that there is no darkness in your country to conquer? Do not you understand that if South Africa spared the disasters, he also could not participate in the glory that is to come? No, the scenes that you’ve seen, is inevitable. The disasters which threatened South Africa will gradually caused by hatred and envy, 
violence, injustice and jealousy. The storm is an outburst against any man will be, a storm of a langgekweekte suspicion, systematic kwaadstekery, hypocrisy, fraud, oppression and evil passions – all the evil that over the years accumulated and pent up, is in the hearts of the people. What people soweth, that shall they also reap. Sow the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind.

In South Africa, more than any other country in the world, bowed the knee to the god of gold. With vengeance and bitter incompatibility on the one hand and injustice, violence and greed on the other hand, the area has long been in a hundred thousand hearts in South Africa to prepare for this storm of reckoning soon to come. “

“Do not be afraid! You’ve seen the eruption will be short-lived. You are called to warn you people making a living representation of the scene.Prepare the people to be united in justice in an attempt to break the power of the storm. Verily, I say unto you, the judgment can not be avoided, mitigated the horror can be shortened. The disasters can not be avoided, but it can be reduced. It depends on your faithfulness. It depends on the power of your call and heard, and the people, it will 
give … “

The nagaanval Johannesburg

About a massacre that would take place in South Africa, the angel said to her: “Look!” She looked and a miniature spear lying on the ground. Then she saw the beginning of a strike that quickly spread across the country and high in the air above the letters XL. Everything, even the large businesses are closed and abandoned, no function anymore. The strikes are so great that the whole country is paralyzed. While this strike is going on, 
blacks secretly organize and come together in one night in Johannesburg. It could happen that quickly and unexpectedly – they cut the power connections in and around the city. After this, she ascended the white areas in and murdered our people indiscriminately. Thousands and thousands are dying in that Egyptian night descend over the Whites in Johannesburg.

“Then in the vision of the many mutilated bodies around me and saw, I shocked and loudly exclaimed: ‘It can not be, because there are not that many people in Johannesburg!” Because of the horror of this vision, Johanna Brandt ineenenkele night completely gray. She was so shocked and stunned for days, not even her husband could talk about it.

“The way they killed the whites, is too horrible for words, she writes. As more than 150 years ago at Bloukrans, I saw the black white babies they touch the feet and cups crushed against the nearest hard objects. The screams were terrible. Women and children, old and young, are indiscriminately killed with guns, spears, maces, machetes or hold any kind of weapon that blacks could find. People tried to flee but was caught, killed and like to lay in their blood. There was blood everywhere – on the streets, sidewalks, houses, apartments and shops. “

“When the day broke, I saw the black hordes moving in the direction of Pretoria. It was the signal for the other blacks in the country to go to the offensive and in their own towns Whites systematically murder. She also heard them referred to this day among themselves as Our Great Day.

At that time Europe, especially England a famine in which millions will die. “She tells more about the events in a foreign country:” Germany will be the time when people in other countries of famine, the food basket of the world , and, like Egypt then, the world of food. “

South Africa, she said: “We will be the land of the future. There are precious minerals in our land have not even discovered yet and our country at the forefront of all development in the world. There are also other, untold riches in the ground (the Kruger Millions) still by the Boers themselves will be removed. God’s blessing rests on us … For we are the chosen people of God … “

South Africa, YAHU’VAH (God’s) pearl

The fact that South Africa is not as bad would go through the rest of the world, was at least a consolation. The Messenger told Johanna’s because God chose South Africa as a special instrument through which the world would be blessed. He also has a special warning for a particular purpose made to the people of this country.

But know this, that the angel said to her, this message of prophetic warning rather by the simple and unspoiled people of the world believed, and when the time comes for the prophetic disasters for this country to be fulfilled, the entire world see how well you prepare and how well you are able to face your problems. They will see that you are brave and fully trust in the face of the greatest danger that you remain calm under the raging fury of the storm, you do your duty despite the dangers and trials, and the evidence of you accepted and forced to follow suit so that they can be saved on the great day to come.

God have mercy on South Africa! Johanna realized, but that’s not all – there are rights and responsibilities vested in the people. She continues: “O people of South Africa is the size of the offering that you asked! Great responsibility on your rest! You will receive the message through faith alone, without proof, without higher authority of the written word, but the world will accept the evidence of the fulfillment of the prophecies of the calamities that should come upon you! Through your suffering so! “

The sacrifice she refers and that of South Africa asked, is the offering of complete faith. South Africa is a pearl in the eyes of our Lord, the angel told her. Because here in South Africa will be the first great wonders of the new century of Revelation occurs. South Africa, the world will be forced to believe that the Second Coming of the Savior is at hand.

Then she continued: “A beautiful light, not of this world, swept across the bleak scene and I stared in puzzled awe. I have the glorious and exalted Presence of our beloved Lord in our midst seen here in South Africa. And that was the whole meaning of the visions I saw that Jesus Christ is our God will come to us when the storms of purification and preparation is over and the people’s hearts through suffering was preparing to meet Him. “

The Second Coming of Christ to the night of the storm, writes Joanna will accompany big surprises because the lowly and despised will be increased, and the haughty shall be humbled to the dust.

In this struggle between Light and Darkness, human weapons on both sides. And they are willing tools. There is no such thing as compulsion, we voluntarily choose each side where we would stand. For that God created the voice of conscience in us. We know that in this last battle between good and evil we decide where we want. “After this night of horror, she saw the day break, and it was like heaven descended upon South Africa …


Warning to the African tribes

When the first shock waves this country hit the Messenger to Johanna said, the natives and colored people know that it is no ordinary storm over South Africa break, and He also warned: 
This is the great preparation for the Day of Lord, and woe to him who even think to take advantage of the general confusion, chaos and desolation that rule over the country, or he who exploit the helplessness of the people! And woe to him who remember to kill and steal, rape and destroy!

And the angel the black people of this country have warned that they should keep quiet and aside in the dark days when fear and trials coming upon the whites.

They may have no hand in the oppression and suffering, they should not old grievances try to correct. It does not matter what their grievances are, and it does not matter how justified their unhappiness – they should not seek revenge indie hour is at hand. There is one that says: “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay!” For the coming sorrows alone in his hand.

Johanna Brandt explains itself that this warning holds: “It is revealed to me by the Messenger of God saw the dangers for South Africa ahead, a thousand times worse would be if the black people going to interfere; because it will be the power of the various chiefs to control their people and they emphatically forbidden to participate in anything that may happen.

For this reason, the message to be sent to them in time. They do not fight among themselves, they do not go to steal and murder. When people homeless scattered across the country and the raging elements, when the mighty roar of destroying the earth shake, they remain as calm as possible right where they are and do nothing but to defend themselves! “

“For judgment will be heavy on any of them ignore the order of the Almighty.”

More than 80 years ago (March 1918), Johanna Brandt spared no effort to spread the word in English, Sesoetoe, Zulu and Xhosa to print and distribute it among the black population. “Then why this particular message to the black people of South Africa?” Joan of the Angel asked.

His answer was unambiguous and clear: “For in that time, God the Boers in judgment, and take them through the crucible for their heinous sins and wickedness.

But because black people have nothing to do, they behaved quietly and in their place, but there are far worse things awaiting them. God is just and if the black people in these last terrible judgment will be destroyed, they will not be able to say: But we have not even been warned! “>

The Governor arrived to Negotiate with us. Treaties ulcers drawn up and some of our officers Were Chosen to sign the treaties on behalf of the 1914 Rebels. The volgende version of the 1914 treaties therein or General Manie Maritz as written in his book: My Life and Aspirations, published in 1939. (This book is still on the banned list in South Africa. Fact, most books written by role players During the War of Freedom and the Rebellion were banned from the Smuts Government).
The Agreement: 
“Agreement made ??and concluded between and by the Governor of the Kaiser of German 
Southwest Africa as representative of his esteemed Majesty, the Kaiser of Germany, and 
General SG Maritz, on behalf of a number of officers and one wishing to Declare the 
independence of South Africa, acknowledge: 
? 1. Said General SG Maritz preserving declared the independence of South Africa and 
declaring war against England; 
? 2. The Governor of German South West Africa acknowledges all English forces engaged
against England as being forces of war and after remit discussions to support them in their 
war against England. 
? 3. In the event of British South Africa being declared Partly or fully independent, the 
Governor of the Kaiser of German Southwest Africa will apply all means to have the intervals States 
or States acknowledged Thus and have them included in the general signing of peace. 
? 4. In consideration of zoals assistance the newly formally State or States will have no 
objection to the German Reich annexing Walvis Bay and the islands adjoining German 
Southwest Africa. 
? 5. The center of the Orange River will in future form the boundary between German South 
West Africa and the Cape colony. 
? 6. The German Reich will have no objection if the above named States annex Delagoa Bay. 
? 7. Should the In Uprising fail any dissidents present in German territory, will be considered to 
be German subjects and treated as zoals.
After the signing of the treaties We Were transferred from Nabas and Ukamas to In Jerusalem, where the last horses were distributed among ourselves. We Were ordered to move from ship Drift at Orange River where we met Captain Stadler. He had Previously tasks Commander Du Plessis of Cradock as Prisoner-of-war. Du Plessis had marched to Upington with 500 people, having, Promised to General Smuts to deliver Manie Maritz to HIM (Smuts). The 500 people fled and left hun commander in the safe hands of Commandant Stadler. The Botha-Smuts Government decided to march into German West in various columns or 1000 The one elke. 
One column was at Rooysvlei, one at Lutzhuts and one at Nous (on the Union side of the Orange River). In the meantime the river water had But considerably Probably be this composition Which had claimed the lives of General Beyers and Pieterse. 
Reaching Nous posed a problem. However, the maxim: ‘A farmer always makes a plan swung into operation. Van der Merwe rowed across with a steel cable and firmly wound and tied it around some thorn trees. Many hands pulled it as taut as possible on the German West side and tied it to thorn trees there. 
The two boats ulcers hero alongside elke other and planks attached across them to form a rude platform. An ox chain was hooked to the cable in front of the boats and we had a work loveable ferry with Which we transported our commands and Cannons across the river. ‘Uncle Klasie, however, did not want to cross over, saying: “I see a well (danger) in the middle or Orange River. At Nous I see an English girl (Government troops) jumping up and running down the valley. She is wearing a dirty for Napkin and then she sits down. “ 
The last division to cross on the ferry was dat or Commandant Stadler. The ferry could carry four mounted horses simultaneously. The last four Penkoppe (young teenage army volunteers) rounded up the sheep reward to the Government troops and put them under the planks inside the boats. On Reaching the center of the river, the load became too heavy and the boats started taking in water. Two of the four Lads Drowned-the ‘well that Van Rensburg had seen, had claimed its victims. >
The Afrikaaner Boers need all of the help They can get if They are to continuously existing as a nation in South Africa, and will only be able to acheive this with German intervention, without welke ze will not stand any chance to survive the coming onslaught against the white people in South Africa.
This message is in the process of being sent to Munich, Guttenberg, Germany, to:
Karl Theodor von zu Guttenberg, Minister of Defence, or any of his RELATIVES-. Here is some more information about Him:
Karl Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg (born 5 December 1971) known as Karl-Theodor Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg or simply Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg , is a German politician of the Christian Social Union of Bavaria (CSU), currently serving as the Minister of Defence of Germany in the second Merkel cabinet (since 28 October 2009).
Even if this person is not reached, May it be God’s plan for the Afrikaaner farmer In Nation that this information finds itself into the right hands.
With my greatest regards and sincerest greetings,
Neil Erich Koch 
Geneva, 25 May 2010


Boerseun said…
Lost in Translation!

The facts are clear - there was an Anglo-Boer war. NEVER an Anglo-Afrikaner war.

The Afrikaners are the descendents of the Cape Dutch whom were Colonists and they participated in the Anglo Boer War against the Boers.

The Boers made an agreement and treaty. The Afrikaners opposed the Boers and shot and killed several hundred of the Boers and labelled these Boers "Rebels" and the event was titled the "Rebellion" by the Afrikaner media.

There is an Afrikaner agenda to capture and hi-jack the Boers history as theirs. Afrikaner commanders were also in control and command of many of the 121 British concentration camps across South Africa - at whose hands thousands of Boer women and Boer daughters - even as young as 10 years old, were raped and given as camp whores as sexual entertainment to the British Allied forces in what should be termed World War 0.

A "farmer" is a tiller of the land, or a keeper of livestock. The name "Boer" was given to the totally seperate and distinct group or nation of white people whom still are seperately identifiable in SOuth Africa to this day. Even though the Afrikaners have killed and committed genocide on the Boers over the past 114 years, we are still a surviving and distinct seperate white group in South Africa.
duncan said…
Deck Chair said…
Hello, this is the first time that I have heard the distinction made between Boer and Afrikaner. Even more surprising to learn that there is a Boer Nation that is separately identifiable still today. I have followed the culture for some time from the USA and would appreciate more information on the subject. Somehow I am unable to contact you directly, could you please reach out to me on Thank you.

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