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Greeting card of Muslim girl doll as a terrorist causes outrage

A controversial greeting card that recently sold out at Chicago stationery store He Who Eats Mudfeatures a girl doll wearing a hijab. The card reads, “She’ll love you to death! She’ll blow your brains out!” Inside it says, “Hope your birthday is a blow out!”
The anonymous store owner is quoted in theChicago Sun Times as saying, “This isn’t Hallmark — we’re not a politically correct store.”
But is it possible this card has one upped the stupidity level of the Boston man who randomly punched a Muslim woman in hijab while walking with her baby just days after the bombings?
“It’s an ugly stereotype. Muslim women who wear the hijab face dirty looks, catcalls and even abuse — and it’s connected to irresponsible ‘jokes’ like this,” Ahmed Rehab, executive director at the Council on American Islamic Relations, tells theChicago Sun Times.
The card is made by Nobel Works Cards with credit for the design given to company ownerRon Kanfi.
Since news of this story broke, the greeting card has been taken down from the company website — a company whose motto is “Dare to Laugh.”
“The joke is that if you wear a hijab, you’re a terrorist — it’s that primitive,” Rehab says.
The card is reportedly intended as a spoof on a different talking doll, Aamina, designed to teach Muslim children basic Arabic phrases such as “Peace be unto you” and “If God wills it.”  MORE  thank you battleskin88
Muslim terrorist doll on birthday card angers Council on American-Islamic Relations: ‘blatant bigotry’
A New Jersey greeting card maker’s motto may be “Dare to laugh,” but don’t tell that to the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
Noble Works, the company that released a birthday card that features a digitally altered version of an hijab-wearing Muslim doll along with several incendiary phrases, finds itself under fire from the council.
“I see blatant bigotry,” Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations,

Gee, Pictures like this just make me want to embrace a muslim/Islamist and call them friend! How about you?


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