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The Intolerance of Christianity in America: Broussard, Piper, Anyone Who Believes What the Bible Teaches Is Called a Bigot

The mainstream media and critics of historic Christianity are at it again-Christians who have done nothing but articulate what the Bible says about homosexuality are being vitrified.

Chris Broussard, an ESPN commentator who stated what he as a Christian believes about homosexuality, has received nothing but vitriol from critics. ESPN apologized for his comments, but Broussard has not. In fact, Broussard hoped that people would express tolerance for his beliefs. He said, ” In talking to some people around the league, there’s a lot [of] Christians in the NBA and just because they disagree with that lifestyle, they don’t want to be called bigoted and intolerant and things like that. That’s what LZ [Granderson] was getting at. Just like I may tolerate someone whose lifestyle I disagree with, he can tolerate my beliefs. He disagrees with my beliefs and my lifestyle but true tolerance and acceptance is being able to handle that as mature adults and not criticize each other and call each other names…” Unfortunately, his critics have not expressed any tolerance towards him. Greg Laurie, the Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., who led the May 2 National Day of Prayer, was also criticized for his position on homosexuality and found himself under pressure to step down. He didn’t. He said, “We’re in a time in our country now where I’m attacked because I believe what the Bible teaches.” And he’s not alone. Louie Giglio, the pastor of Passion City Church in Roswell, Ga., was asked to offer the prayer at President Obama’s 2012 inauguration ceremony. Because of his position on homosexuality, which caused an uproar among the gay community, he was asked to step down. Now, evangelical stalwart John Piper, the minister of Bethlehem Baptist Church of 33 years and founder of Desiring God Ministries, is being criticized by a Gordon Conwell seminary graduate who claims to be a “conservative” and says that Piper is “wreaking havoc in our churches’ pews, destroying families, and ultimately placing a banner of hate and hypocrisy over the front doors of our conservative faith churches.” 
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