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Creepy Ass Cracker By T. Better Baldwin

With that well said by my GG colleagues, this is really NOT going to make sense to most white people but I’m going to try my best to articulate my position without offending. Black people, forgive me for saying “they” at times when speaking of “us.”
As defense attorney Don West cross examined Rachel Jeantel, she stated while on the phone with Trayvon Martin, he described the man following him (George Zimmerman) as a “Creepy Ass Cracker.” Mr. West then proceeded to ask Rachel if she considered that statement to be racially offensive and she said “no.” Not believing his own ears he quizzically ask the question again and again in different ways and each time she said “no” giving him a look of “what don’t you understand, the n or the o?”
This is way deeper than Ebonics or how white people use the word ghetto. This is the thick residue of slavery. Cracker is a term to describe the “cracking” of the whip. Most slang in general comes from description. Chris Rock once joked that Black people don’t distinguish between sects of white people; ain’t nobody got time for that. To Blacks, who grew up in a segregated environment (and I’m speaking of contemporary times), whites represent authority and people on TV. People like Rachel Jeantel, who likely have few white friends if any, have a non-trustworthy alien perspective. The white people they do interact with are mainly teachers, landlords, employers, police or other forms of state supervisors. They know that “good” white people exist but that comes with a description too, such as, she’s a “nice white lady,” he’s a “funny white guy,” or “play that funky music white boy.” It’s usually followed by the phrase “I like him” or her. That’s because for many marginalized Blacks, a nice white person is an anomaly, just like a nice slave master. That’s why peer whites who they really like, will get the highest hood badge of honor of being called “My Nigga!” Don’t get me started.Read more: 

Like it’s normal in your culture to call African-Americans “N*GGAS” Yes, it is an anti-racist term that stems from slavery, which was STARTED BY WHITES, KKK (OPS AKA – EVERY PUN INTENDED), AND H8TEFUL “CRACKAS, CRACKERS (SLAVERY STARTING INITIAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING WHITES) PLEASE, GIMME A BREAK, SLAVE-OWNER-MINDED GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. AND you all WONDER why many BLACKS DISTRUST WHITES? GET a clue, take responsibility for the discord between the Afrrican-Americans and Anglo-Saxon races that was INITIATED DURING THE ENSLAVEMENT OF AFRICANS and continues through disenfranchisement of indigenous African-Americans TO THIS DATE!
The above comment is my main reasoning for posting this story,  GEORGE ZIMMERMAN IS NOT AN ANGLO-SAXON so Stop saying that and none of you was ever a slave so get over yourselves!  
If you really want to scream about being called a Nigga look at yourselves in the mirror because you are the biggest offenders of using that term.
If you really want to go back to live in your beloved African homelandwhich is still a  Slave holding country no one is stopping you.  Go back to the posh living of Mud huts, rampant crime and AIDS; etc.  

The Other Side of Slavery

So all of you Uppity Negros and anti-White Liberals need to learn the real history and stop blaming the ‘crackers’ of today.  Remember it was  some of those damned Yankee and Rebel  Crackas who risked their lives and helped save you from ‘slavery’; as for us modern day whites  we never owned anyone of you, and don’t owe you a thing.  shera~
“The search for truth is never wrong.  The only sin is to lack the courage to follow where truth leads.” — Duke
“He alone deserves to be remembered by his children who treasures up and preserves the memory of his fathers.” — Edmund Burke

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