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Jeb Bush: Immigrants are ‘more fertile’

Jeb Bush, a former governor of Florida, had a lot to say at Friday’s Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. But the thing that has everyone talking: his description of immigrants as “more fertile” than native-born Americans.
Bush, a recurring potential candidate for president, is fluent in Spanish, married a Mexican-born woman and has a strong contingent of Hispanic support in Florida. When he said at the annual meeting in Washington, D.C., that immigrants are “more fertile,” and so can replenish the country’s population with young people, he likely misspoke, although it’s true that immigrant women have a higher fertility rate than women born in the U.S.
The line overrode his other remarks—even one suggesting that the United States model itself after Canada on immigration.
Noting that immigrants create more businesses than do individuals born in the United States, he said, “Canada is the place that we might want to look to”—referring to a country often attacked by conservatives as an example of a socialist state. “They have more economic immigrants, and they have seen sustained economic growth because of it.” >>MORE<<


Thomas said…
Tikkun Olam

Nadia Bilchik is a Jew. As a Jew she was never part of the South African settlement in the 17th Century but like many Jews moved there 250 years later using their Soviet connections to overthrow South Africa and take control. Think about it - why did she move to South Africa? Answer that question. Why, of all places in the world, did she move to South Africa? Approximated 400,000 Lithuanian Jews moved to South Africa in the middle of the 20th Century. Within one generation Joe Slovo had orchestrated a Communist/Marxist revolution run by Jews, while putting a black face on all of the propaganda making it look like "the people" wanted this. White farmers were murdered and their farms confiscated 'for the people'; just like what the Jewish Bolsheviks did in the Holodomor.

What Nadia Bilchik is celebrating is genocide, lies, and mass murder.

Notice she never mentions the name Joe Slovo, but look him up. Look at the wrinkles on her face and guess when she moved to South Africa.

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