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Muslim Brotherhood Claim: New Egyptian President Adly Mansour is Jewish ‘and maybe part of The Seven Seals?

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When you see wickedness in national, moral, social, and Christian affairs, look carefully for the influence and guiding hand of the Talmudic Jew. I N R I ?
Average Christians, in their spiritual innocence, have not the faintest idea of what is contained in The Talmud.Many have told me that they think it must be some kind of Jewish Prayer Book or perhaps a set of religious regulations for the Jews to follow in their every day life. I have read great portions of The Talmud. I find it so degrading that I had to wash my mind out with soap! I had thought to include portions of it in this personal letter, as I have done with certain verses of Scripture as a sample of the Moloch-Easter-Edomite thought-theology. I am specifically referring to The Babylonian Talmud translated into English by Rabbi 1. Epstein and published in London in 1935 by the Soncino Press. I have chosen not to do so because this personal letter is intended for family Bible study. I do not want it restricted to our Christian children because of such degenerate ideas passed off as religion. Secondly, legal counsel has advised me that publishing such material as found in The Talmud might be a violation of postal regulations-, and make this personal letter difficult to distribute as widely as I feel must be done.  >>MORE<<
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Judge Adly Mansour Becomes Egypt’s Fourth Leader Since 2011

 Adly Mansour, a 67-year-old Supreme Court justice, served two days as the constitutional court’s head before he was named Egypt’s interim president.
Mansour, who was deputy to the head of the court from 1992 until last month, was chosen to lead the country after the army yesterday removed President Mohamed Mursi, the nation’s first democratically elected civilian president. Mansour, the representative of an Egyptian judiciary that has repeatedly clashed with Mursi, was sworn in today.
 The anti-Mursi protests have united the Egyptian people, Mansour said after he took the oath of office today. He saluted what he termed the bravery of Egypt’s youth and the armed forces, saying that the police have realized their place is on the side of the public.
The Arab Spring started in Tunisia, and within a few weeks it had spread to neighboring Egypt. Today, 2 1/2 years later, Tunisia is close to ratifying a democratic constitution with well over two-thirds’ support in the constituent assembly. Egypt, as the world knows, is in the throes of a military coup that removed the democratically elected president. The obvious — and crucial — question is: What’s the difference? Why has democratic constitutionalism worked relatively well in one North African Arab country while it has crashed and burned in another? And what will the answer tell us about the future of democracy in the Arabic-speaking world, from Libya to Syria and beyond?
You might think the answer has something to do with Islam. But remarkably enough, it doesn’t. In both Tunisia and Egypt, the first democratic elections produced significant pluralities favoring Islamic democratic parties. Ennahda, the Islamist movement whose political party won in Tunisia, is ideologically similar to the Muslim Brotherhood, and is a kind of associate of the Brotherhood’s loosely affiliated internationale. Both parties believe in combining Islamic values with democratic practice. Both accept a political role for women and equal citizenship for non-Muslims, even if in practice they are both socially conservative and seek the gradual, voluntary Islamization of society.

Muslim Brotherhood Claim: New Egyptian President  is Jewish?

Interim Egyptian President and Supreme Court Chief Adly Mansour became the target of Muslim Brotherhood mudslinging on Friday, complete with a counterfeit Facebook page, an impersonated journalist and an inevitable “retraction” from the Brotherhood website.
On its website, the Muslim Brotherhood sought to unmask Mansour, born and educated in Cairo, as a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, which it re-classified as a Jewish sect, thus making him a descendant of Jews.
The Brotherhood’s claim, since removed from the website, was attributed to Al-Jazeera reporter Ahmed Mansour (no relation to the interim president), who on a Facebook page, now believed to have been created to perpetuate this myth, said that Adly Mansour even approached the Coptic Pope in an effort to move closer to Christianity, but was refused a baptism. In the post, Mansour concludes: “Congratulations, [Egypt], you are now ruled by Jews and Christians.”

The Messiah

Former Davidian Marc Breault provides a long history of the development of the Branch Davidians as an offshoot from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. He also details how Koresh rose to power and eventually took over.  In the beginning, his name was Vernon J. Howell and he was a high school dropout with the gift of the gab.
                        EXPOSITION OF THE SEVEN SEALS

Copyright 1994 by Phillip Arnold and James Tabor 
(Reunion Institute, PO Box 981111, Houston TX 77098).

The Seventh Day Adventists advocated purity of the body as the temple in which the Holy Spirit resides, so their habits of eating and drinking were strict. They believed the final battle between good and evil could happen at any time, and when it did, and only a select number would witness the return of Jesus Christ and be saved. Yet some members wanted regulations to be even stricter, and from the original church several sects formed. 
The following is an allegory about Israel receiving the Gospel from the Gentiles…Isaiah 60: 16: Thou shalt also suck the milk of the Gentiles, and shalt suck the breast of kings: and thou shalt know that I the LORD am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.  >America and Israel in Bible Prophecy<


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