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Obama EO: All Americans Must Get Tested For Hiv / Aids

Obama EXECUTIVE Order: All Americans MUST Get Tested For HIV / AIDS
Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
July 15, 2013
President Obama signed an executive order entitled, “HIV Care Continuum Initiative” that will create a national movement and federal involvement in the war on HIV/AIDS.
This EO will “coordinate Federal efforts in response to recent advances regarding how to prevent and treat HIV infection. The Initiative will support further integration of HIV prevention and care efforts; promote expansion of successful HIV testing and service delivery models; encourage innovative approaches to addressing barriers to accessing testing and treatment; and ensure that Federal resources are appropriately focused on implementing evidence-based interventions that improve outcomes along the HIV care continuum.”

Meanwhile, some immigrants and refugees are being allowed into the United States and other Western Countries with known Commuicable  and other mental health issues to citizens of hosting country;
WHATS UP WITH THAT?  Until, we are able to give our own countires a clean bill of health, don’t you think we should fix the problems in our own countries of Disease that is already here and Mental Health.  Instead of turning all of us into a MAD Petrie Dish experiment.  
Please do a search on my other posts on here about health related issues and lack of Government Health Care. Mainly TB.   Shera~

Arrival in the United States: Process, Health Status, & Screening of Refugees & Immigrants

Patricia F. Walker, William M. Stauffer, Elizabeth D. Barnett
There is great diversity among immigrant populations arriving in the United States each year, with a concomitant wide spectrum of health needs. Some immigrants arrive with infectious diseases of personal or public health significance; others with untreated chronic conditions such as vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, or hypertension; and many with both infectious and chronic disease issues. Two of these groups, refugees and internationally adopted children, have more health information available than other groups, so much of the published screening recommendations is based on studies of these groups.
State health departments are notified by CDC about refugee new arrivals. A secure electronic system, the Electronic Disease Notification System, alerts states of refugee arrivals that have class A conditions (with waiver) and class B conditions. Class A conditions are defined as those that preclude an immigrant or refugee from entering the United States. Class B conditions are defined as physical or mental abnormalities, diseases, or disabilities that are permanent or serious enough to amount to a substantial departure from normal well-being.
Newly arrived refugees are encouraged to receive stateside evaluation and treatment, conducted at state or local health departments, as well as private clinics and community health centers. Ideally, these examinations are done within 3 months of US arrival. Because there is no required nationwide process for postarrival health assessments, the timing and thoroughness of postarrival refugee health evaluations vary from state to state. For nonrefugee immigrants, no formal mechanism or funding source is available for medical screening; therefore, immigrants, with the exception of international adoptees, do not routinely receive any postarrival medical screening services. Many clinicians are unfamiliar with screening recommendations and diseases endemic to immigrants’ countries of origin and are unprepared to deal with language, social, and cultural barriers in caring for new arrivals. In addition, refugees and immigrants often have other demands related to their new environment that may compete with their perception of need for health evaluations and treatment. To address the special health challenges of refugees, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), Department of Health and Human Services, provides guidance, resources, and oversight for medical assistance, initial medical screening, and physical and mental health technical assistance and consultation for refugees .  >>more from the CDC<<

Toolkit for Primary Care

Providers Treating Refugees

The Toolkit was created by the Pathways to Wellness Program in conjunction with medical staff from Harborview Medical Center. Content was generously contributed and reviewed by: Mary Stasio, R.N., Dr. Genji Terasaki, Dr. Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, Dr. David Roesel and Dr. Joseph P. Sherman. 
Primary care providers in South King County are serving an influx of refugee patients who are seeking care in the U.S. health care system for the first time. Many refugees experience marked disparities in infectious and various chronic diseases. Many new arrivals have serious health conditions needing immediate attention and follow-up.  In addition to contagious diseases, many refugees have experienced trauma, may be suffering from mental health conditions, hypertension, diabetes, skin, vision and dental problems, and/or malnourishment.  In particular, refugees resettled in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia have been shown to have an increased risk of suffering from malnutrition, anemia, lead poisoning, tuberculosis, malaria, HIV, hepatitis, and intestinal parasites (Ackerman, 1997), (Lifson et al. 2002),  (Miller et al. 2000), (Varkey et al. 2007).

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