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This, Courtesy of MSNBC, Is Trayvon Martin's Dead Body. Get Angry. Get Angry about the cases the media doesn't want you to hear!

I came across this story while surfing the web showing this picture of Trayvon Martin DEAD, I read the article that went with it.   Then I read the comments and all I have to say is WOW, REALLY.   My thoughts on most of these comments and story are this "It's apparent, none of you know or have been a victim of a crime commited by a african american THUG!  The Police don't do shit, accept maybe tell you the victim of said crime that you will have charges placed on you if you have any contact with said criminal.  Even if they come back to your property casing, harrassing, just being where they shouldn't be.

It's even more enjoyable watching this group of male african americans; one of these THUGS physically push a police officer who is trying to break up a fight, a threat of being shot, or just telling them to move on whatever; and you would expect some sort of action to take place.  pfft think again.  They just drive away and when the Police Chief is asked about what are you going to do about this and they just say we are looking to put them into some kind of program.  Also before you just start off the bat call me a racist I know THUGS come in all colors not just black, brown, they come in white, yellow, and red, which ever color of the rainbow you want.

Why isn't there all sorts of uproar across America when an innocent/defenselsess white child, teenager, or adult is the victim of a Black on White Crime.  I'll just leave some pictures with links to the stories check them out, and leave a comment if you wish, and please pass this story along!


MrTrippsUAdam Weinstein
Wing nuts say the whole trial is liberal   plot to start a race war. They can't even allow themselves the risk of empathizing with this kid and his family. So they blame the kid himself, his parents, Obama, the liberal media, and Nancy Pelosi. They can't blame the dickhead who stalked then murdered an innocent teenager enabled by the rootin' tootin' gun laws wing nuts themselves championed.
"He acted in self defense!" Bullshit. The only one who acted in self defense is Trayvon Martin. Does anyone think the circumstances would be the same if it was Martin who was packing and shot Zimmerman? Nooope.Yesterday 10:48am
I understand the feelings of people who wish they hadn't seen it. I probably would have preferred not to; but it has me even angrier and even more hurt than the whole story had before. I am not an American, I am not who needs their eyes opened and I was already on the side of the outraged, but seeing him like that has made it far far worse for me and I think that's important. I think people need to be filled with the sadness and anger I am filled with and see his boyish face and realise this is a boy, not a thug, not a gangsta not a gangbanger, just someone's little boy, wearing a hoody and khakis. Yesterday 12:00pm

And Columbus Ohio is Diverse Everywhere

The Wichita Horror

Local brother and sister victims of hate crime attack


One of the Most horrific and ignored cases for this of any race can be located right on this blog!

There are many more horrific stories out there, but this is just a taste of a few.  RIP to all the victims and their famlies for these senseless acts that you are made to live through,~


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