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So who came up with it first Vikings or the Egyptians? I guess it doesn’t matter the Muslim Brotherhood wants to destroy it all.


The Viking ship was perhaps the greatest technical and artistic achievement of the European dark ages. These fast ships had the strength to survive ocean crossings while having a draft of as little as 50cm (20 inches), allowing navigation in very shallow water.

Ships were an important part of Viking society, not only as a means of transportation, but also for the prestige that it conferred on her owner and skipper. Their ships permitted the Vikings to embark on their voyages of trading, of raiding, and of exploration.
Images of ships show up on jewelry (right), on memorial stones (left), and on coins from the Viking age. Some people were buried in ships, or ship-like settings made of stones (below), during the Viking age.  >more<

Vikings Invade Egypt in 1200 BC

Hidden History
Egypt Invaded by the
North Sea Peoples 1200 BCAgain and again, as we dig into the history of Norther Europeans, (Nordic and Germanic,) we find cover ups and mis-information.In 570 BC, Solon, one of the wisest men of Athens, brought back from Egypt an ancient Egyptian temple inscriptions and papyrus texts.Solon had resided in Egypt for ten years. During his stay, he became very interested in the story that the Egyptian priests told, called the Atlantis Narrative.
It told of the heroic stand Athens had made against the armies of Atlantis, which was situated in the North Sea, (Scandinavia and Germany.)
The Egyptian priests told Solon the story which he then copied down. They also showed him the hieroglyphic writings and temple carvings which in turn showed the War of the North Sea Peoples.
The epic fight between Atlantis (North Sea Peoples) and Athens was passed down in Critias, the elder, Socrates and finally Plato. Plato wrote about Atlantis in his dialogues, Timaeus and Critias.
Were the North Sea Peoples, the ones known as the Atlanteans in 1200 BC?
The texts and temple carvings say “yes!”
Why do we not know about this today? There is a good explanation. They were all translated by modern scholars to mask the true identity of the North Sea Peoples of 1200 BC.
The capital city of Atlantis (home of the North Sea people) lay on an island, in the estuary of great rivers. It had three harbors and was swallowed up by the sea and vanished.
The North Sea peoples (Atlanteans) were notable seafarers with a fleet of 1200 war ships.
They invaded and conquered all the Greek states except Athens.
The story of the invasion of the North Sea Peoples told Solon by the Egyptian priests states that they were repulsed from conquering Egypt by King Ramses III (1200 -1168).
During the ‘Dark Ages’ after 1200 BC, there was no writing in Greece. There was only the Egyptian priests recorded history.


Ships and Boats


The archaeological evidence

The slow flowing Nile was almost ideal for transportation though occasional storms might endanger shipping or lack of wind hold it up. From earliest times Egyptians built boats for transportation, fishing andenjoyment.[14] Their importance in every day life is reflected in the role they played in mythology and religion.
Little is left of actual boats. Remains of Old Kingdom boats were found at Tarkhan and Abydos, and King Khufu’s ship is well known and demonstrates best how ships were built during that period.
The first dynasty boats found at Abydos were about 25 metres long, two to three metres wide and about sixty centimetres deep, seating 30 rowers. They had narrowing sterns and prows and there is evidence that they were painted. They do not seem to have been models but actual boats built of wood too much decayed to analyse, some suspect that it was cedar, others deny this. Thick planks were lashed together by rope fed through mortises. The seams between them were caulked with reeds. The boats did not have any internal framing and were twisted when they were uncovered.

Qatar would like to ‘rent’ all of Egypt’s monuments, historical sites, and antiquities. A recent offer by Qatar to ‘rent’ Egypt’s national treasures in exchange for 200 billion US dollars

Sold to the highest bidder? Pyramids of Giza up for grabs

A recent offer by Qatar to ‘rent’ Egypt’s national treasures in exchange for 200 billion US dollars has attracted harsh criticism from the Ministry of Antiquities, Egyptologists, activists, and the Egyptian population.
The Ministry of Antiquities, which rejected Qatar’s bid and the Ministry of Finance’s proposal, stated in a press release that Egypt will never accept the possibility of compromising or allowing the exploitation of its cultural heritage and civilization.  Adel Abdel Sattar, head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that it is impossible for Egypt to rent its monuments, “This is our heritage…our roots.”
The Ministry of Finance and high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood officials believed that the rental of Egypt’s treasures to Qatar or international companies would be a quick solution to Egypt’s financial woes. Egypt’s GDP is said to have dipped below 200 billion US dollars in 2013, and the funds generated from the rental of monuments would almost surely end the country’s financial crisis. In fact, renting the monuments for $200 billion would dwarf the $4.8 billion IMF loan that President Morsi and his government have been chasing after since late 2012.
The financial benefits are clear – Egypt’s economy and future can be saved. Other benefits include better management of Egypt’s historical sites 

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