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WOW, has anyone heard of this before? Christian, Newsom families happy with Glenn Beck comments.


The families of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom said they were pleased that national media attention was brought to their childrens’ murders this week.
Talk show host Glenn Beck spoke about the 2007 murders on his show “The Glenn Beck Program” on The Blaze TV. Beck owns the cable channel.

“The names the (caller) gave me are Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian: likely they mean as much to you and did to me,” Beck prefaced. ”But you’ll never forget them after the next few minutes.”
He said there was little media coverage of the murders, outside of East Tennessee, admitting he did not remember covering this story either.
However, both families said they liked the attention Beck gave, stating that it should recieve that national scope.  >>more<<

I was actually screaming at the top of my lungs when I heard this on the radio and for the POS to STFU and stop with the lies,  that he had never heard of it. I know myself and countless others have been emailing him and countless other MSM outlets, calling and actually talking to someone about it since it first happened, they freaked out and seemed angry but did we hear anything about it?


I’m glad this is being brought to light finally but if this isn’t a huge kick to the stomach and I’m insulted by all the years of dedication and effort that I/ we have put towards telling people about this since it happened  and not letting the Jew Media Cover  up  this horrible,  horrible crime………….  Let Glen Beck get word of it and he is showered with praise and thanks.  
Keeping what I’m really feeling to myself, because I don’t want to get into a stupid, Jew inticed bickering match.   shera~

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