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A real life Billy Goatess Gruff, In Colorado.

This is from someone dealing with the recent tragic floods in Colorado, the woman in question that owns this property sounds like a total WITCH. I hope and pray for everyones safe being and getting past the 'gate keeper'

 I am addressing this issue to all local media outlets in hopes of rectifying the following malicious situation. 

There is a mountain community, 400+ strong, stranded. All roads off this mountain have been obliterated by the floodwaters. However, there is one way down. This 10-mile section of national forest is accessible by the residents on the mountain. However, at the very bottom of the road there is a woman who leases land from the government. She is the “gate keeper” and has decided to keep it locked. In her words: “those people choose to live up there, they can figure out some other way on and off that mountain”. 

She knows there is no other way, but she doesn’t care. She pulled the same thing in 2000 when there was a huge forest fire. People at the bottom actually had to break the gate down so residents, literally racing down the hill with fire on their tale, could flee the danger. 

I found another way up on a dirt bike, on a trail that hasn’t existed for many decades. I covered impossible ground and blasted through white water floods to make my way up where I knew friends and family were in need of things. My only way out however, ended up being the access road where the crazy woman controls the gate. On a road that normally only takes me 20 minutes to travel, took me over 2 hours. I wrecked many times, got stuck countless times, crossed many floods, and in general, got pretty banged up. Once I reached her gate, she didn’t want to let me leave. Two hours of living hell on a dirt bike, covered in mud, soaking wet, tired, and banged up, she wanted to send me right back where I came from. I had to lie and tell her I was coming off the mountain to get back to my children in the valley. I told her there were at least 40 men with shovels getting ready to work the destruction on that road tomorrow so they could get down in massive 4x4 vehicles to get supplies. She proceeded to tell me that she “might” let them pass, but there is “no way she is letting them back in”. I told her they have families and homes to get back too; they just need supplies the helicopters would not deliver. Things like dog and cat food, gas for their generators and prescriptions just to name a few. She said “I don’t care, that’s not my problem”. I proceeded to get very upset and told her that in a crisis like this, we need to help each other out. Those people are stranded. You may not agree with their life style, but that is their home. They need things, they need our help. Why would it bother you so much to have a few vehicles come through to get supplies to bring back to people in need”? She replied again, “I don’t care, that’s their problem. If they are stuck up there for a year, that’s just tuff”. I had a few choice words for her and bolted through the gate back to my home down the road a couple miles. 

On the way down, I ran into the blockade by a washed out bridge and spoke with the Deputy Sherriff and national guardsmen there. We spoke about the men working that road to get off the mountain and the crazy woman who says she will not let them back in to be with their families. The cop agreed she is out of control, but stated she had the legal right to do what she is doing. We both agreed that it’s not right however. 

Therefore, tomorrow 9/16, many family men will work all day shoveling and moving rock on one of the most traitorous back roads anyone has ever seen. They will work through with bloody hands while destroying their vehicles because they have no other choice. They will do all this just to find a locked gate at the bottom and a crazy woman that won’t let them return to their families. She told me she would fight anyone “tooth and nail” and hold her ground. 
In my opinion, this is a travesty in the highest regard, and a shameless act that deserves the attention of anyone with a shred human decency. 

It will take more communities to come together, pushing on local and federal officials to force this individual to do the right thing. Otherwise, there is no telling what she is capable of. Maybe we can break down the gate, but she might block it with tractors. Will she shoot someone? Will she have people arrested who are only trying to provide for their families during this disaster? This is no time for injustice. We need to help one another; we need to help these families. 
I hope this letter finds you well and with open hearts. 

Andy Hitch

This isn't the property or road in question, just a picture of the flooding in Colorado.

Update and last post until something major happens.
The lady is no longer the problem. Now the National Guard has been ordered to keep folks from getting in. Their concern is keeping looters out and keeping control over everything they possibly can. To some degree, this is understandable. However, our local and federal government agencies do not have the money, manpower or means to solve the wide spread short and long term problems we are facing. The solution is to allow citizens of these affected communities to take charge of, or at least help with the repairs to forest access roads across the Front Range. Again, many families will not permanently abandon their homes they built with their own hands. They will not leave their processions behind for looters to take advantage of. Where would they go anyway? Are we prepared to build a refugee camp somewhere? It seems to me that some simple roadwork over a few days by local people, along with an unlocked gate would at least solve a serious problem temporarily. After this has all settled down, they can begin to work a permanent solution in for these forest roads, and again, locals are perfectly willing to do the work. There is more than one forest access road solution available. Thanks to everyone who has shared this story. You have, and still are forcing the lime light on this situation and things are starting to happen. However, we are not out of the woods yet. If our focus goes away, the talk of solutions goes away, and we could be back to square one. Before today, the solution was, evacuate everyone and they can figure how to survive from there. Now, they are actually talking about the long-term realities and affects of such a decision. In a chaotic natural disaster like this, it takes everyone (including civilians) to help make the right decisions. This is one of thousands of issues across the state of Colorado. Whether you are in the city, out in the farmland, or in the mountains, we all need to come together to make good decisions and help one another. Our officials have their hands full with evacuations, safety, and the re-construction of major roadways and bridges. Everyone and everything else will fall through the cracks if we do not help and get the media attention we need. I am working this issue with everything I have. However, I will spend my day tomorrow helping a neighbor dig three feet of mud out of his house. Please keep spreading the word. In the meantime, grab a shovel and help someone in need.


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