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Fake Klan Group Meets with the NAACP

The article speaks for itself, first the UKA teams up with the Crips Gang in Memphis back in March against other Klan groups, and now they meet with the NAACP and their Kleagle fills out an application to join this Communist self serving group of black activists who want to destroy our white heritage, history, and culture. God Bless all Traditional Klan Groups who still stand for America and American values!

The following letter was sent to the Casper Star Tribune:

Traditionalist American Knights                                                                  
Of the Ku Klux Klan
PO Box 1572
Park Hills, MO 63601
September 4, 2013

Jeremy Fugleberg / Casper Star Tribune
170 Star Lane
Casper, WY 82604

Mr. Fugleberg,
 I have read your article on the meeting in Casper Wyoming between John Abarr the proclaimed organizer from the United Klans of America and the local leaders of the NAACP. We think that for accuracy reasons you should know that the UKA is not deemed to be representative of any true traditional Klan organization in America today. The UKA has ties to Nazi skinhead groups, and a known history with the Aryan Nations neither of which has ever been a part of the traditional Ku Klux Klan in America. We do not know what the intended purpose of this meeting was supposed to be, but it is not the first time the UKA has taken a controversial stand to obtain publicity it just leaves to the imagination who is playing who. The UKA’s most other recent attempt for publicity was to partner up with a Crips gang in Memphis to counter a rally by other Klan groups protesting the name changes of three parks in the city that honored the Confederacy. All one has to do is visit the UKA website or listen to some of the past media interviews of their leaders and it is plain to see they do not share Traditional Klan values.
The true traditional Ku Klux Klan is a patriotic American organization that does not accept or support nazism, fascism, socialism, communism, or paganism. It is a non violent, law abiding group of Christian men and women who work for the protection and advancement of the white race while preserving our true American history and heritage. The NAACP on the other hand works to promote their agenda by attempting to erase or rewrite our history, especially our southern history which in turn would destroy our identity as a people. These actions can be seen by their involvement in the renaming of parks in Memphis, and the recent attempt to remove the painting of Robert E. Lee from the City Council chambers in Lee County Florida among others.
People should start paying attention to the tactics of the NAACP and start asking them why they focus on these areas instead of spending their time and efforts to investigate some of their own leadership for the recent criminal activity they have been involved in, or perhaps maybe look into solving the more serious social issues involving the black community like the massive increase of violent black crime and other criminal activity that is taking place across the country in cities like Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Louis.
One might also ask the NAACP and other black activists why they have expressed no outrage when a white student was recently brutally beaten by three black thugs on a school bus in Florida, or yet the recent deadly beating of the 88 year old WWII veteran, their silence is deafening. I think it is becoming all to clear too many people in our Nation what the true agenda of the NAACP really is about and they are starting to see it is a self serving entity that does not care who they destroy to forward their political agenda which is not good for America.
Mr. Abarr also stated he did not think there were any active Klan groups in Casper, well Mr. Fugleberg that is why it is called the invisible empire.
God Bless,
Imperial Kaltrop
Traditionalist American Knights
Of The Ku Klux Klan


It seems a lot of fakes are about! In the UK there is an organisation called the Socialist Workers party which is anti-Socialist, and a front for Marxist-Capitalism (see )

It is good to see you fighting the fakers on the 'right', just as we fight the fakers on the 'left'. This unity of purpose must surely mean that the end of the left-right charade is in view, and the restoration of our homelands a growing reality.

If the NAACP are resorting to these measures, there is hope for us all!

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