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I support Pauline Marois, She get's it! There is nothing White Supremacist about it. Quebec's Charter of Values: Anyone giving, receiving public services would need face uncovered

Someone, please tell me how they think Quebec Charter of Values White Supremacist?

Quebec’s Charter of Values unveiled, takes aim at ‘overt and conspicuous’ religious symbols

An image from a press package that identifies some of the religious symbols allowed, not allowed, as part of the Quebec government's proposed Charter of values, detailed in a press conference Sept. 10, 2013.

OK, plain in simple if anyone from a western nation wants to visit or live in a Muslim country, do you think they would abide by our customs of not wearing head covering?  They sure won't or don't, so why should we have to throw that away in our countries?  shera crossan

Quebec’s Charter of White Supremacist Values

This week, Pauline Marois’s provincial Parti Quebecois government is set to reveal its proposed Quebec Charter of Values.

This will be a set of rules applying to all public employees, including teachers, hospital employees and daycare educators. Ostensibly, the goal of the charter is simple: to establish who is boss in Quebec. In this light, it will be a series of rules intended to not only keep some people in their place, but also a form of propaganda establishing what their place is.

(On another level – that which takes into account the fact that the Charter may not stand up to legal challenges, and that that fact is part of the PQ’s calculation – the Charter is part of a programme of encouraging a certain kind of racism amongst PQ supporters, the kind of sentiment that it is hoped will tie them to the party in the longer term. That this might backfire as these racist voters are attracted to more virulent third parties is a risk some strategists may be willing to take.)

The prime targets are immigrants from the Third World, who for the purposes of “setting an example” are to be represented by Muslim women. The form of instruction will most likely center on a dress code, stipulating that these women must not cover their faces at work, banning the hijab in places of public sector employment.

OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail

Pauline Marois is defending her plans for a Quebec “values” charter with a harsh criticism of multiculturalism, including a suggestion that it leads to homegrown terrorism.
In an interview that ran in Le Devoir on Friday, the Quebec Premier contrasted secularism in France to multiculturalism in Britain, including a vague reference to recent terrorist attacks.
The Parti Québécois minority government is planning next week to release the broad objectives of its charter, which will enshrine the religious neutrality of the Quebec government by preventing public service workers from wearing religious symbols. Ms. Marois said the French model is not perfect, but she had harsher words for the situation across the English Channel.
“In England, they get into fights and throw bombs at one another because of multiculturalism and people get lost in that type of a society,” she said.
Ms. Marois’s office did not provide further explanation of her statement on Friday, adding that the British and French models have their respective strengths and weaknesses.

 United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany

Quebec's Charter of Values gets slated online

  1. The Quebec government finally unveiled the much-anticipated and controversial Values Charter today, which not only has federal leaders up in arms, but has made huge waves across social media platforms.
    1. According to polls and the media, a vast number of Quebecers that support the charter.
  2. If the charter is passed, it would ban public employees in Quebec from wearing 'overt' religious symbols in public institutions. The law would also see that all religious symbols are removed from public institutions such as hospitals and schools.


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